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2022-23 Transfer Admission Standards

Public Colleges and Universities
If you have more than six attempted credit hours—not counting remedial (zero-level) courses, pre-college work or credit hours received by concurrently enrolling as a high school student—you may transfer to another Oklahoma public college or university if you meet the following requirements:

7-23 Hours

24-30 Hours

31-59 Hours

60+ Hours

*Some colleges at OU have higher transfer admission standards. Contact the institution for more specific information.

Students who have not met the required high school curricular requirements for college admission must complete those requirements before transferring. Additionally, students who do not meet the criteria above and have not been suspended from an institution may be admitted as "transfer probation" students based on institutionally developed policies.

Students transferring from an out-of-state college or university must be in good standing at the sending institution and meet the receiving institution’s admission standards or have an average grade of "C" or better (whichever is higher). If transferring from an unaccredited institution, the student must validate the transferred credit by making satisfactory progress (an average of "C" or better) for at least one semester at the receiving institution.

If you want to transfer to another Oklahoma state college or university and you do not meet the requirements, see an advisor at the institution to which you wish to transfer.

For more information on Oklahoma public college and university admission standards, contact Angel Icenhour at or 405.225.9261 in the Oklahoma City area or call the Student Information Hotline at 800.858.1840, option 7.

Independent (Private) Colleges and Universities
Requirements for private institutions may be different, so check with the institution you want to attend for specific information.