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The Education Pipeline  

"The Education Pipeline" is a representation of the flow of students in the Oklahoma State System of Higher Education from high school to college admission, through first-year benchmarks and on to graduation and employment. The pipeline metaphor is useful in understanding how traditional students "flow" from high school to college and then to employment and allows us to observe some of the key springboards and obstacles to college completion.

The pipeline provides a convenient way to see key indicators of performance and areas that need improvement to keep the educational system running efficiently and serving the needs of Oklahoma students and workforce demand.

The pipeline concept is not comprehensive, however. Many students enter or re-enter the system at multiple points along the pipeline, and the number of nontraditional students grows each year. These nontraditional students include high school students taking concurrent enrollment courses, Career Tech students that are transferring credit from technology centers to college campuses, adult students who have been in the workplace for years and starting college for the first time, and adults that have some college or even a degree and returning to the college classroom.

OSUIT student
Photo courtesy of Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology.