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Note: the student must have exhausted the institution's complaint and/or appeal process before the OSRHE will attempt to help the student establish any possible resolution with the institution.Explain the circumstances that led to your complaint. Be as specific as you can about your concerns and include all the information relevant to your complaint.
Describe your efforts to resolve this complaint with the institution. Be as specific as you can, including dates, institutional staff with whom you spoke to regarding your complaint, and the school's response. Please include all information relevant to the complaint.
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Verification of Complaint and Consent

OSRHE will use the information you provide as part of its efforts to resolve your complaint. By submitting this complaint, you give consent to the OSRHE to contact the institution(s) on your behalf to gather information that may be needed to review your complaint. Your consent includes referring complaints to another organization with jurisdiction and authority over the issue.By submitting this form, I agree that the information given in this complaint is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge, and I agree that I will provide any additional requested information or respond to questions from OSRHE related to the review of my complaint. I understand that if I fail to provide requested information or respond to questions, OSRHE may dismiss my complaint.