High School Students – Notice About Incomplete application

How did you apply for the Oklahoma’s Promise scholarship?

Paper Application

Please note that all correspondence for a paper application will be done by regular postal mail. If you have not received a letter requesting more information or confirming your enrollment, please call the Oklahoma’s Promise office at 405.225.9152 or 800.858.1840 to find out what you need to do to complete your application.

Online Application (submitted on the computer)

Step 1
If you no longer have the username and password for the account you created, you will need to call 800.468.6927 for assistance.

Do not go online and create another account!

Step 2
To find the signature page, go to

  • Click the red Apply Now button (you will log on as a returning user).
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the blue Apply Now (or Continue Application) button.
  • Enter your username and password and click Sign In.
  • Click the first underlined "here."
  • Print the page(s).
  • The documents required to be attached will be listed at the bottom of the pages(s).

Step 3
Mail requested information to:

Oklahoma's Promise
Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education
P.O. Box 108850
Oklahoma City, OK 73101-8850


Upload documents to Oklahoma's Promise.

All correspondence for online applications is done by email. Please add to your address book. If you have any questions, please email or call the Oklahoma's Promise office at 405.225.9152 or 800.858.1840.

Have you moved or changed schools since you enrolled in Oklahoma’s Promise? Do you have a new phone number or email address? Email or call us at 800.858.1840 to update your contact information.