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The Communicator

The Communicator is the Oklahoma Campus Compact newletter designed to update faculty and staff on national and state activities, opportunities and projects related to service-learning.

Winter 2019 (PDF, 769k)
Fall 2019 (PDF, 493k)
Late Summer 2019 (PDF, 408k)
Summer 2019 (PDF, 444k)
Winter 2018 (PDF, 1.3m)
Fall 2018 (PDF, 729k)
Summer 2018 (PDF, 777k)
Spring 2018 (PDF, 445k)
Fall 2017 (PDF, 963k)
Summer 2017 (PDF, 717k)
Spring 2017 (PDF, 565k)
Winter 2017 (PDF, 497k)
May 2016 (PDF, 535k)
August 2015 (external link)
April 2015 (external link)
December 2014 (external link)
August 2014 (external link)
May 2014 (PDF, 1m)
November 2013 (PDF, 1.2m)
March 2013 (PDF, 684k)
November 2012 (external link)
June 2012 (external link)
March 2012 (PDF, 515k)
October 2011 (PDF, 305k)
April 2011 (PDF, 433k)
January 2011 (PDF, 126k)
June 2010 (PDF, 340k)
December 2009 (PDF, 278k)
September 2009 (PDF, 146k)
June 2009 (PDF, 328k)
February 2009 (PDF, 283k)
October 2008 (PDF, 981k)
July 2008 (PDF, 180k)
June 2008 (PDF, 133k)
March 2008 (PDF, 177k)
November 2007 (PDF, 235k)
August 2007 (PDF, 199k)
April 2007 (PDF, 285k)
December 2006 (PDF, 231k)
August 2006 (PDF, 90k)
May 2006 (PDF, 112k)
February 2006 (PDF, 122k)
November 2005 (PDF, 153k)
September 2005 (PDF, 179k)
May 2005 (PDF, 71k)
February 2005 (PDF, 109k)
October 2004 (PDF, 112k)
July 2004 (PDF, 76k)
May 2004 (PDF, 154k)
January 2004 (PDF, 140k)
March 2003 (PDF, 149k)
August 2002 (PDF, 112k)
March 2002 (PDF, 81k)
February 2002 (PDF, 116k)
January 2002 (PDF, 71k)
November 2001 (PDF, 87k)
September 2001 (PDF, 27k)
August 2001 (PDF, 26k)
July 2001 (PDF, 20k)
June 2001 (PDF, 21k)
May 2001 (PDF, 21k)