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Oklahoma FAFSA Data Portal (OK-FDP)

The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education (OSRHE) and the Oklahoma College Assistance Program (OCAP) (opens in new window) are offering the Oklahoma FAFSA Data Portal (OK-FDP), a free online tool to help counselors better assist their high school seniors to successfully complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). The OK-FDP allows counselors, principals and mentors to provide more targeted assistance to their students, which is instrumental in increasing FAFSA completion rates – especially for first-generation students pursuing postsecondary education.

Signing Up for the OK-FDP

  1. Superintendent/School Board President/Chief Executive must complete the FAFSA Completion Agreement form (PDF, 244k). This process will require designating:
    1. A primary contact person and signatory.
    2. Up to three additional authorized users.
  2. Print the completed agreement for signature. It must be signed by the designated signatory.
  3. Return the signed agreement to OSRHE by one of the following methods:
    1. Mail to:

      Irala Magee
      Assistant Vice Chancellor for Scholarships and Grants
      PO Box 108850
      Oklahoma City, OK 73101-8850

    2. Fax to 405-225-9392.
    3. Scan and email to
  4. The primary contact person will then be directed to upload a file containing a list of high school seniors and email Irala Magee when the upload is complete.
  5. The primary contact person and other designated data receivers will be provided instructions on setting up user accounts on the portal. Users should notify Irala Magee when this is done so the accounts can be activated.

Using the OK-FDP

  1. Lists of students are submitted through this secure upload page. Learn how to format and submit your file (PDF, 26k). A template (XLSX, 16k) is available for Excel users.
  2. As permitted by the Federal Student Aid office, authorized users will have access to student-level information regarding FAFSA completion status. Users will see students’ high school, name, date of birth, FAFSA status, FAFSA submission date and verification status. FAFSA data will be provided in the format shown below (view larger version).

Screenshot of FAFSA student data.

  1. Users should check the portal periodically, ideally each Friday, to see which students have completed the FAFSA. FAFSA transactions are matched on the system each Thursday. (Detailed instructions about how to check student information, how to download a list, and how to interpret the output will be provided.)

The OK-FDP is an informative tool that requires no need for additional software or technology. It will help to increase the number of students who enter higher education and complete a degree or credential.

If you require further assistance, please contact our office.

Irala Magee
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Scholarships and Grants

Kelli Kelnar
Outreach Services Manager