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OCALD Minutes

Minutes of the September 26, 2002 meeting
Oklahoma State University - Oklahoma City

Ed Johnson called the meeting to order at 1:05 p.m.

There was recognition of retirees: Becky Kirkbride, OSU/Okmulgee and Fr. Patrick McCool, St. Gregory’s.

Ed introduced several new members: Darcie Anzalone, OSU/Okmulgee; Sloan Brown, NEO A&M; Br. Benet Exton, St. Gregory’s; Rosemary Harvick, WOSU; Debbie Kinsey, Seminole State and Patsy Rutherford, Mid-America Bible College.

Ed announced there were no minutes from the final meeting last spring. Karen Olive said she might have them. She will confirm and forward them to Ed.

Susan McVey from ODL spoke on the financial situation of the state agency. She said they are trying their best to prevent any cancellations of the state wide databases. Since the economic outlook of the state is unsure, she doesn’t know what will happen. If it deteriorates to the point of looking at the databases, ODL will call back the database committee which worked on the state wide recommendations.

Susan said ODL has sent forward a request for a consultant to work with the OLTN Advisory Board. OCALD needs to make three recommendations for the Advisory Board.

Kurt Snodgrass from ONENET spoke on electronic privacy and copyright. He addressed ONENET’s role with institutions’ use of the network and problems with abuse of the network with non-educational uses.

Committee Reports:
David Robinson is chair of the Cooperative Collection Development Committee.

Danelle Hall is chair and sole member of the OK-Share Committee. She distributed the statistics for FY02.

Jon Sparks is the chair of the Expanded Academic Support Committee. Jon sent a recommendation to Ed to look into librarian salaries and recommend a possible pay scale. Members agreed to let Jon chair a committee to look into this.

Old Business:
NSF grant was not funded.

Amigos Executive Director will attend the next meeting to discuss OCLC’s Question Point Collaborative Reference Service between OCLC and Library of Congress.

Don Gilstrap gave an update of textbook centers.

Bindery issue has been placed on the back burner.

New Business:
Proposed schedule of meetings was approved. They are as follows:

November 7, 2002 at UCO
February 6, 2003 – Remote Broadcast
March 26, 2003 (OLA)
May 22, 2003

It was announced that NSU has identified a new director.

Members gave updates of activities since the last meeting.

Ed adjourned the meeting at approximately 3:00 p.m.