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OCALD Minutes

Minutes of the September 24, 2009 meeting
1 p.m.

Attending: Susan Jeffries, NWOSU; Kelly Brown, USAO; Susan McVey, ODL; Arlita Harris, SNU; Marilyn Hudson, SCU; Bonnie McNeely, UCO; Christine Dettlaff, Redlands; Evlyn Schmidt, OPSU; Jon Sparks, SWOSU; Don Gilstrap, OU; Richard Cheek, OBU; Alan Lawless, RSU; Barbara King, OCCC; Beth Freeman; Anita Semtner, SGU; Victoria Swinney, OCU; Sharon Saulmon, Rose; Sherry Young, CU; Michael Foote, MACU; Tamie Willis, OC; Nancy Draper, Hillsdale; Tony Hardman, WOSE; Anne Prestamo, OSU; Sharon Morrison, SE; Stewart Brower, OU-Tulsa; Jenny Duncan, OSU-IT; Adrianna Lancaster, ECU.

Offsite: Sheila Collins, NSU; Sheila Johnson, OSU; Maria Martinez, EOSC; and Terri Carroll, CASC.

In the absence of chairperson, Bonnie McNeely, the OCALD meeting was called to order by Sherry Young. In the absence of Secretary, Barbara King, Jon Sparks recorded minutes for the meeting.

Continuing Business
History of OCALD – Sherry Young: The organization was established in 1988, recognized as an advisory council to the Regents in 1997 and held the first meeting as such in January, 1998.

Introduction of OCALD Officers – Don Gilstrap:
Don Gilstrap – Chair
Tamie Willis – Chair Elect
Adrianna Lancaster – Secretary/Treasurer
Bonnie McNeeley – Past Chair
Evlyn Schmidt –Member at Large
Jon Sparks – Member at Large
Cooperative Collection Development – Barbara King (chair), Marty Thompson, Anne Prestamo, David Robinson, Dana Belcher
Expanded Instructional Support – Jon Sparks (chair) and Evelyn Schmidt
OK Share – Beth Freeman (chair)
Webpage – Cindy Pollard (chair)
Bylaws – Marty Thompson (chair), Mike Rusk, Sheila Johnson
Assessment – Tamie Willis (chair), Victoria Swinney, Jenny Duncan, Sharon Morrison, Adrianna Lancaster, Karen Neurohr

Regents Report and Discussion on OSRHE/OCALD initiatives – Dr. Houston Davis: Dr. Davis was unable to attend due to travel delays although he sends his regrets. He plans to attend the November meeting

ODL Report – Susan McVey: Ms. McVey reported that this is a quiet time since the legislature is not in session and it is not a campaign season. Revenue collections are not meeting estimates – so state funded institutions are experiencing shortfalls (5% across the board cuts). There has been discussion about a special session and rumors about using the rainy day fund, but that isn’t happening at the moment. Oklahoma is in better shape than most other states which are experiencing horrific cuts (salaries, furloughs, etc). ODL has been frugal in anticipation of cuts/hard times. However, they currently have 30% vacancy in positions. They have not experienced furloughs or terminations but have not filled any open positions. 

The Oral History Conference is coming up and ODL is seeing more interest in these kinds of grants to work in this area. ODL has been digitizing state documents – using ContentDM – and having a million hits a month on the website.

ODL did a 5 year study and found that 80% of loans were by OCLC libraries. Therefore, they have decided to use that as the primary platform for ILL. The other libraries which are individual patrons of ODL, using Illiad, will go through WorldCat Firstsearch to find materials. This project is in the pilot stage now and will switch over on October 1. School libraries will need to find another solution for downloading records. Libraries may contact Kitty Pittman for assistance. 

ODL has a process underway for choosing the database provider. We will have an extended period for awarding the contract (more than five years). The vendors have made their presentations, and the market review is in process. The Committee will score the results and then negotiations with vendors will begin. We expect a decision by end of October, with a start date of January 1st. The renewal date will be July 1st.

Committee Reports
Executive Committee  - Don Gilstrap: OCALD will be working with OLA’s UCD for a joint workshop. Arlita Harris from Southern Nazarene volunteered to offer a workshop on managing in tough times – how to take advantage of difficult situations. The workshop will be very interactive and participatory.  

Cooperative Collection Development – Barbara King: We have renewed PsycINFO and the newspaper database. Ebsco has replaced Newsbank. The Daily Oklahoman and Tulsa World opened up more content to public access, and Academic libraries now have Academic Search Premier, as well as the addition of Business Source Premier.

Assessment Committee – Tamie Willis: The group sponsored a great workshop and had 54 registrants and 2 scholarship attendees from OU. The Committee used the money from the workshop to pay the honorarium, and Victoria Swinney paid the difference. The evaluations were good and provided feedback for future workshops. If you would like to be part of the assessment listserv, email Tamie Willis. The committee has decided to have one workshop with outside speakers and the next year have a local meeting with OK participants. Tamie expresses a big thanks to Karen Neurohr.

Expanded Instructional Support – Jon Sparks: The charge of the committee is to expand statewide borrowing privileges, develop statewide cooperative reference/research services, and develop statewide standards for library services to distance learners, although this charge is subject to change. In the past the group has worked on guidelines for distance learning for libraries. Susan Jeffries has agreed to be the new chair. If you are interested in serving, please contact Susan ( The group will have a new emphasis on information literacy. Please share any ideas you have for the committee. 

OKShare – Beth Freeman: We had another good year. 37 institutions reported statistics: over 1000 cards were issued this year; 1453 circ transactions from 349 patrons; 34 lost items which is a little less than average (~$1200); This program provides a valuable service to students and Beth expressed appreciation for each library that participates.

The group addressed the following questions: Can an individual library change loan period? Guidelines say that the library that issues the card can determine how long the card is good for. How should libraries address lost books? The agreement does not state clearly (library who experiences the loss deals directly with the borrower). The group discussed that it might be best to revise the policy to state that libraries go first to the borrower. If that didn’t work, the home library of the borrower would hold the borrower responsible. There was discussion about the home library being responsible and other discussion about being responsible for the actions of our patrons. The group also discussed the policy working like ILL. Beth suggested we discuss on the listserv. Don asked the group to discuss with our staffs, and we will continue the conversation at the next meeting.    

New Business
EBSCO Databases – Kirk Gordon: Kirk thanked us for allowing him to come in. He showed a comparison of what is available in Ebsco vs. Gale and Proquest. We picked up four products as an upgrade: Academic Search Premier, Business Source Premiere, Newspaper Source Plus, Regional Business News. Kirk’s PowerPoint presentation can be found at

The group discussed having training, perhaps in a web format.  Kirk will investigate and get back to the group.

OCALD Web Site – Don Gilstrap: There is a new OSRHE web presence with a revamped website and a new content management system. He asked the group to consider if we should investigate using other tools like Google apps for sharing documents and other files, for working with other related groups, etc. If you have ideas on this topic, share with the listserv or Don. 

OCALD Membership Database Survey – Anne Prestamo: In pulling together information for PsycINFO, the Cooperative Collection Development Committee realized that an increase in funding is unlikely. The committee would like to explore where we have commonalities so that if several libraries subscribe to the same database that might give us an opportunity for consortial pricing. Anne sent instructions prior to the meeting and will send the spreadsheet out after the meeting. The list includes 600-700 products, although some may be listed twice because libraries receive from a different vendor. For items you have (or wish for) that are not on the list, you may add new items. Please include your library name (row 1) and return to Anne by October 23rd.

OKShare –Beth Freeman: See discussion above in committee report. – Department of Commerce subscription – Sharon Saulmon: The Oklahoma Department of Commerce is considering this product which provides 24 hour online tutoring service. Rose State currently has it and is very happy with it. Sharon will put contact information on the listserv so that interested parties can express interest. 

Other Items: