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OCALD Minutes

Minutes of the September 22, 2005 meeting
State Regents' Conference Room – Oklahoma City

In Attendance
On site: Barbara King, OCCC; Debra Engel, OU; Susan Jeffries, NWOSU; Tony Hardman, WOSC; Nancy Draper, Hillsdale; Tamie Willis, OK Christian; Don Gilstrap, SWOSU; Dana Belcher, ECU; David Robinson,OSU-OKC; Sheila Johnson, OSU-Stillwater; Njambi Kamoche, Langston ; Marty Thompson, OUHSC; Susan McVey, ODL; Adrianna Lancaster, ECU; Victoria Swinney, OCU; Jonathan Sparks, Mid America; Br. Benet Exton, O.S.B., St. Gregory’s; Phil Moss, OSRHE, Sherry Young, Cameron; Sharon Saulmon, Rose State; Bonnie McNeely, UCO
Remote: Karen Neurohr, Carl Albert; Daphane Kerley, Connors; Mary Edith Butler, Eastern OK State; Jenny Duncan, OSU-Okmulgee; Beth Freeman, OSU-Tulsa; Anne Prestamo, OSU-Stillwater; Elaine Johnston, OU-Tulsa; Allen McKiel, NSU; Kelly Brown, USAO; Mike Rusk, TCC, Tom Messner, NSU-Broken Arrow

Sherry Young called the meeting to order at 1:10 p.m. The April 13, 2005 minutes were approved. Sherry introduced the members of the Executive Board. Then those in attendance both on site and remote, introduced themselves.

Sherry presented a PowerPoint presentation on the history of OCALD, its mission and accomplishments.

Sherry recapped the current committees as is explained in the bylaws. They are: Bylaws Committee, Cooperative Collection Development and Resource Sharing , Expanded Instructional Support and the Nominating Committee.

Continuing Business
Web Page – Check your information and continue to send corrections to Cindy Pollard.

OK Share – Beth Freeman reported a larger response on the yearly statistics. Beth also suggested we list the officers on the web page.

Regents’ Report – Phil Moss reported that William McHenry, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Phil’s boss, is leaving. Phil also reported the $475 Mil capital bond was approved last year. He said the state appropriations for this year did well. Among other issues, next year's effort will include identifying a dedicated source of income for OHLAP.

Phil reported this year’s project is the Student Information Portal. Phil gave a PowerPoint presentation on it. He explained that students in 8th-12th grades are the primary target audience. Its development costs were provided through federal funds in Gear Up and the Guaranteed Student Loan Program. Phil said it would be about 14 months for the full features to be up. They plan a “soft launch” in the spring.

ODL Report – Susan McVey reported on the statewide database license. According to the FY04 usage survey, use has primarily been academics. Susan said they can now contract for 5 years instead of 3 before it has to be rebid.

Susan reported on the past year’s events. She talked briefly about the Federal LSTA funds. She reported the continuing projects (databases, union catalog) will be funded but there would be no new projects.

Susan recapped legislative activity. She said there have been changes in the legislative memberships and committee appointments. She briefly discussed an initiative petition called the Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights. She urged us to contact our representative to vote no on this.

Library Standards Workshop – Don Gilstrap said this is being postponed until spring.

WorldCat and Google – Anne Prestamo discussed the Open WorldCat and what is happening with Google. She provided a handout.

Legislative Watch – Marty Thompson discussed several legislative issues: Any legislation that deals with “morality” issues could affect us; Patriot Act changes; copyright law. He said Legislative Day will be in May.

Committee Reports
Cooperative Collection Development and Resource Sharing – Bonnie McNeely is stepping down from chair of this committee to fulfill her duties as Chair Elect. Barbara King is taking over as new chair. Upcoming issues are the rebid for PsycInfo and inviting the representative for Newsbank to attend a meeting to discuss problems with the database.

Expanded Instructional Support – Allen McKiel and Mike Rusk are continuing to work on this.

New Business
Marty discussed having an “event fund” to pay for cards, flowers, etc., if the need arises. He suggested contributing money to a pot and Marty’s staff will keep track of it.

Marty motioned to establish the Volunteer Pot, Sharon Saulmon seconded and the motion passed.

Tony Hardman from Western suggested looking into Lexis as a shared resource for consortium pricing. The Cooperative Collection Development Committee will look into it.

Sharon provided a handout on upcoming events and talked about Job Shadow Day. Susan McVey explained IMLS (Institute of Museums and Library Services) provides money through a 21st Century Libraries Grant for library staff, paraprofessionals to pursue a library degree.

It was announced that Roberta Hamburger from Phillips Theological Seminary has retired and Sandy Shadley has been appointed interim director.

The next meeting will be on Nov. 17, 2005.

Sherry adjourned the meeting at 3:15.