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OCALD Minutes

Minutes of the September 16, 2003 meeting

Present at the Regents Board Room in OKC: David Robinson, Mike Rusk, Rosemary Gipson, Nancy Draper, Susan Jeffries, Bonnie McNeely, Dottie Davis, Alan Lawless, Allen McKiel, Ed Johnson, Sharon Saulmon, Phil Moss, Njambi Kamoches, Jan Reinbold, Br. Bent Exton, Jon Sparks, Beth Freeman, Francine Fisk, Christine Dettlaff, John D. Heisch, Debra Engel, Sherry Young, Marty Thompson, Susan McVey

Present at 6 distance sites: Jenny Duncan, OSU-Okmulgee; Karen Neurohr, Carl Albert; Daphane Kerley, Connors State; Don Gilstrap, Southwestern Ok State; Cindy Pollard, Ardmore Higher Ed;
Chuck Perry, East Central

Chair Sharon Saulmon called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.

Members introduced themselves, their institution and reported briefly on recent activities. Special announcements from Ed Johnson who is retiring in February and from Dottie Davis who also announced retirement plans.

Old Business
Phil Moss reported that OCALD Web Pages will remain on the Regents Web Site but OCALD member, Cindy Pollard, has agreed to keep the pages updated and revised and will be coordinating with Regents Communications staff. Members should notify Cindy of any content changes for the OCALD Web pages.

Membership Updates
Sharon Saulmon asked members to update the Membership Spreadsheet. Distance attendees should email Sharon any changes or corrections.

OCALD Committees

Executive Committee recommended keeping 4 standing committees: 1) Cooperative Collection Development and Resource Sharing; 2) Expanded Instructional Support; 3) Bylaws Committee; 4) Nominations Committee.

Members were asked to sign up for committees. Distant attendees should email Sharon their preferences for committees.

The OK Share Committee will be discontinued but Beth Freeman, OSU Tulsa, volunteered to gather OK Share statistics and report to OCALD.

OK Share Statistics for 2002-2003:
Number of institutions participating 36
Number of OK Share cards issued 1,444
Number of circulation transactions 2,820
Number of institutions represented by OK Share borrowers 91
Number of lost items 16
Cost of lost items $577.27
Processing fees $130.00

The Web Page Committee will be discontinued and Cindy Pollard, OSU-Okmulgee will update the OCALD pages.

New Business

ODL Database Selection Committee:
Susan McVey reported on the Database Selection Committee and that the work of the committee during the writing of the RFP and bidding process must be kept confidential. Librarians can provide input as to vendors reliability and products before the writing stage of the process. Database Selection Committee members cannot discuss which vendors bid or comment on the bids.

Interim Study on Internet Filtering:
Susan McVey provided handouts and reported on a recent Oklahoma State Judiciary Committee's Interim Study on Filtering in Libraries held on September 4th which was attended by some members of the Oklahoma Library Association's Legislative Committee as will as Sul Lee, Ed Johnson, and Jeanie Johnson.

Rep. Thad Balkman of Norman may introduce legislation that would require public libraries in Oklahoma to install filters on computers in order to receive state funding. Three people were invited to speak: 1) Andy Peters of the Pioneer Library System; 2) David Burt of N2H2 filtering company; 3) Susan McVey, Oklahoma Department of Libraries.

The concern for academic libraries is that the legislation could be written broadly for "all Oklahoma libraries." Phil Moss will discuss this possibility with the Chancellor and with Regents Legal Counsel. Concern was also expressed about how OneNet services could be affected.

Members at distance sites can request copies of the "filtering" handouts from Bonnie McNeely.

ODL Update:
Susan McVey said that IMLS has confirmed that LSTA database grants aren't affected by CIPA. Susan McVey provided a handout and discussed the Oklahoma Reads Oklahoma project. Six books are on the list and the finalist will be announced. Susan suggested that Librarians may want to purchase copies of the finalist.

Susan discussed budget contingency planning. If ODL has to cut an additional 5% then it will cut SIRS, BIP, and reduce public library construction grants. If ODL has to cut an additional 10% then ODL will cut all funds for public library construction, cut state aid for public library collections, cut funding to Literacy programs, and furlough staff for four days.

ODL does not yet know what IMLS federal funds will be received. She does not expect cuts to funding for databases. ODL will be working with National Council of Western Libraries on a two-year grant to establish certification program for public librarians. ODL will be working with Rose State and the Library Technician Program to work on a Distance Education program.

By-laws Report:
Bylaws were emailed to everyone before the meeting. The committee structure has already been discussed. Send any bylaw change suggestions to Daphane Kerley, Connors State College. Daphane suggested that the Bylaws be changed from requiring monthly meetings to requiring quarterly meetings, minimally. These suggested changes will be voted on at the next meeting on November 20.

Regents Report:
Phil Moss reported that we have a newly appointed regent, Dr. Ronald White. Policies on Distance Education and Off-Campus courses were consolidated. The policy on non-residential undocumented Oklahoma High School students was changed to allow them to attend Oklahoma Higher Education Institutions. Children of Military personnel stationed in Oklahoma were also allowed to attend colleges as residents. Budgets for all colleges were approved with a 9.93% cut and a number of other programs were cut significantly such as summer academies. The database funds were held harmless from cuts. Also caps on fees are gone; colleges will need keep their charges in line with regional peer institutions.

Phil Moss discussed the Oklahoma Edge Program. The Governor's had many people across the state working on plans. Every campus will be hosting open forums. Items will be do-able and 10 top items will go to the Legislature. The Chancellor has worked to make Higher Education a major player.

There are plans in the works for a major bond issue since the last one was thrown out by Oklahoma Supreme Court.

Northern Oklahoma College in Stillwater opened this fall, providing remedial programs for OSU/Stillwater area students.

Regents are coordinating needs assessments especially in Tulsa and OKC areas.
Phil reported that his office has moved to the 3rd floor so that all academic units can be integrated.

OK Share Questions:
Card expiration dates for students - 1 semester? Or year? Each member can set expiration date and each lending library can set their lending policies - which might be a shorter period than the expiration date.

Cooperative Library Instruction:
Allen McKiel, Northeastern Oklahoma State University, discussed a project to develop Library Instruction modules using FLASH technology. Modules would be 1 hr or 1.5 hour to mimic class. Module would show students screens and then voice over would explain. Tests could be developed using Blackboard or Web CT. His goal is to build 16 modules and he wants librarians who are interested and willing to learn FLASH. He will willing to teach librarians on how to use FLASH. Any browser can be used with modules created using this product.

Dr. McKiel's goal is to have a one-hour course requirement in Information Literacy. Please have any librarians interested in this project contact Dr. McKiel at

Ranking System for Librarians:
Bonnie McNeely asked if anyone was interested in working on a Librarian ranking system if they did not have one or if it needed updated. A number of regional and independent college librarians do have faculty status although some do not have tenure nor on a tenure track program. Anyone interested in the development of a ranking system should contact Bonnie McNeely.

Meeting adjourned at 3:00.

Next Meeting will be November 20 in the Regents Conference Room.

Recorded by Bonnie McNeely
Report any corrections as needed

Minutes will be approved at next scheduled meeting on November 20, 2003.

An Oklahoma Endeavor meeting was called by Ed Johnson, OSU, to discuss the ENCompass project funding possibilities with Regents staff.