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OCALD Minutes

Minutes of the August 30, 2001 meeting
Tom Steed Center, Rose State College

Dr. Ed Johnson called the meeting to order at 1:05 p.m.

Minutes from the May, 2001 meeting were approved with no changes.

Introductions of all members were made. Phil Moss introduced Catreana Dellinger, a guest from the State Regents Office.

Upcoming meeting dates were reconfirmed. They are September 27, October 25 (planned teleconference), December 6, February 28, March 28 (planned teleconference), and April 17 at OLA. The May 23 meeting is currently scheduled for Executive Committee only.

Phil Moss reported on State Regents issues:

OCALD has several new members. Don Gilstrap is the new Director at Southwestern OK State University. Bonnie McNeely is the new Director at the University of Central Oklahoma. Tom Messner is the new Director at the Broken Arrow branch of Northeastern OK State University. Ken Thery is the new Director at Mid-America Bible College. (If I misspelled your name, I apologize and please let me know the correct spelling.).

Sharon Saulmon from Rose State reported on two projects from last year. One was the state wide student online survey results. It was determined a summary of the results will be shared with the chair of the Student Advisory Board. It was also determined the survey will be done again in the Spring. The other project was the summary of the Academic Library Survey (previously known as IPEDS). It was determined OCALD wishes to continue compiling the Oklahoma results of this survey.

Sharon also asked for input on the Spring 2002 OLA preconference. It was recommended to offer the topic of "How to Deal with Reorganization".

Ed Johnson gave a UCITA update. The American Bar Association Board of Governors wishes to revise the language. They formed a committee to study this. They moved not to push passage until the study was done. Oklahoma Senator Glenn Coffee, who introduced it in Oklahoma, has said he will reintroduce it in January.

Danelle Hall presented the OK-Share statistics. In FY00, 807 cards were issued and 783 items circulated. In FY01, 1,217 cards were issued and 1,426 items were circulated.

The Expanded Academic Support Services Committee and Cooperative Collection Development and Resource Sharing Committee will meet in September.

Beth Freeman reported on PsychInfo. She said an attempt to add full text will be made at the time of renewal.

New business of "What you did over your summer vacation" was discussed. Several members told of activities throughout the summer at their institutions. The next meeting will be at 1:00 p.m. on September 27 at the State Regents Office (hopefully).

The meeting was adjourned at 2:50 p.m.

Barbara King