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OCALD Minutes

Minutes of the August 24, 2000 meeting
OneNet Offices, Oklahoma City, OK

OCALD Minutes of the August 24, 2000 meeting OneNet Offices, Oklahoma City, OK Beth Anne Freeman called the meeting to order. Freeman welcomed newcomers and returning members. There were 36 members in attendance. The minutes of the May 16, 2000 were approved.

Danelle Hall reported on the OK-Share statistics. There are 42 participating institutions with 36 reporting as of August 24. 807 OK-Share cards were issued; 783 circulation transactions; 43 institutions represented in OK-Share transactions; 5 items lost. OU had the largest number of circulation transactions. Danelle will post the statistics to the discussion list. New cards will be printed soon. The cards will be gray with navy lettering.

Marty Thompson led a discussion regarding the Oklahoma Union List of Serials. Only 14 Oklahoma libraries are currently participating. Marty asked OCALD members to talk to their ILL departments to see why they are or are not participating. You may pose any questions regarding this issue to the discussion list.

Freeman announced OCALD appointments to OLTN Advisory Council. Ray Lau and Francine Fisk will join Barbara King, Ed Johnson, Julie Brooks, and Beth Anne Freeman on this council.

Phil Moss provided an update on Internet 2 and OneNet. Phil announced an upcoming Legal Issues in Higher Education Conference in Norman on October 5.

Ed Johnson reported on OLA Preconference planning. He has contacted LAMA with a request for a workshop on successful project management. He is waiting for their response.

Ed Johnson announced that he has been appointed to an ALA task force dealing with UCITA.

Phil Moss reported on the proposed Distance Learning Guidelines. The guidelines went to the Committee on Instruction last spring. There was concern about the guidelines expressed by the COI. After discussion by the OCALD Executive Board it has been decided to send the guidelines back to committee to examine the intent and goals of the document and to determine a possible different strategy for the proposal. Since there were dissenting opinions from OCALD membership on the first draft of these guidelines, Marty Thompson suggested the chair appoint some members to the committee that were not in favor of the original document. Jon Sparks and Carol Barry are currently the only members of the Expanded Instructional Support Committee. Additional members are needed.

Freeman announced that planning is underway for the November meeting to be presented via teleconference. Details will be forthcoming.

Freeman announced Tamie Willis is a new member of the Cooperative Collection Development and Resource Sharing Committee. Freeman charged the committee with the review of the proposal for consortial purchase of Sociological Abstracts.

It was suggested that Beth Anne invite the new director of the OU SLIS program, Dr. Danny Wallace, to speak to OCALD for the September or October meeting.

The next meeting will be Thursday, September 28, 2000 at the Regent's Office. Meeting adjourned.

Francine J. Fisk