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OCALD Minutes

Minutes of the May 4, 2006 meeting
State Regents' Conference Room – Oklahoma City

In Attendance
On Site: Jon Sparks, MACU; Tony Hardman, WOSC; Christine Dettlaff, Redlands; Marty Thompson, OUHSC; Victoria Swinney, OK City University; Bonnie McNeely, UCO; Sherry Young, Cameron; Sharon Saulmon, Rose State; David Robinson, OSU-OKC; Phil Moss, OSRHE; Susan McVey, ODL; Barbara King, OCCC

Remote: Tom Messner, NSU-Broken Arrow; Beth Freeman, OSU-Tulsa; Daphane Kerley, Connors; Evlyn Schmidt, OPSU; Dana Belcher, East Central; Jenny Duncan, OSU-Okmulgee; Elaine Johnson, OU-Tulsa; Jim Kennedy, Murray State

Sherry Young called the meeting to order at 1:05 p.m. Introductions were made and the minutes from the March 7, 2006 meeting were approved.

Oklahoma Library Association lobbyist, Oliver Delaney, was introduced. Mr. Delaney spoke about TABOR, short for Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights. It is a proposal intended to limit the growth in government spending to no more than the annual growth in population plus the general inflation rate.

ODL Report: Susan McVey presented an ODL report. She distributed a handout on National Library Legislative Day. Susan also discussed ALA key issues – funding, EPA libraries, Net Neutrality Act. Susan briefly discussed HB 2083. Susan also said the OLA legislative committee needs more representation from academic librarians. She reported that state funding is “stand still” funding and the legislature was very widely divided.

Regents’ Report: Phil Moss presented a State Regents’ report. He said most concentration is on legislative action or inaction. Higher education appropriations are looking at an increase of about $25 million which is much less than the Regents want. He said there are commitments to OLAP, healthcare workforce issues and increasing the nursing applicants that can be accepted. Phil reported progress on the portal continues and there is a draft of the logo. Western OK State has a beta application form and NEO is close.

On June 6, Tom Carrey, visiting Merlot scholar, will discuss a proposal for online teaching commons. Let Phil know if you are interested.

Phil reported the June meeting of the Presidents’ Council will have the Louisiana Higher Education Associate Commissioner to talk about disaster preparedness. They are concerned we need to be ready to step in when a sister institution is in need.

There were questions from the floor about mandatory funding, digital repository software and tuition increases.

Standards Workshop Report: Victoria Swinney distributed a handout with the workshop evaluation results.

Barbara King proposed a resolution for an official thank you from OCALD to the members of the Standards Workshop Committee. The committee members were Victoria Swinney, Don Gilstrap, Sharon Saulmon, Bonnie McNeely, Tami Willis, Karen Neurohr, Sherry Young and Phil Moss. Tony Hardman seconded. It passed unanimously.

There was a request to distribute break-out session handouts.

NetLibrary: There were reports from the membership on ebook usage and promotion activities.

OLA Dinner: It was reported there were 12 to 15 attendees at the OLA dinner.

OK Share: Beth Freeman said it is time to start collecting OK-Share statistics for the annual fiscal report. She will need the results by the end of July. The majority of the membership feels it is a successful program.

Committee Reports: Sherry Young reported on the Executive Committee discussions. A survey will be designed this summer to identify future OCALD program and activity needs. Sharon Saulmon compiled a report of other state academic library groups.

Barbara King reported on the Cooperative Collection Development and Resource Sharing Committee. Ebsco won the PsycInfo bid. Information is being collected on PsycArticles and PsycBooks to obtain pricing from Ebsco as well as CSA, OCLC and Ovid.

The Newsbank contract expires in October. The majority of members voiced a desire to continue access to this database. Interest was voiced on two ABC-Clio databases, Historical Abstracts and America History and Life. There was also interest in obtaining pricing on Infotrak’s (Gale) Health Resource Center, Cumulative Resources and LitFinder and Ebsco’s Literary Reference Center.

New Business: Bonnie McNeely reported there was an extra $115 remaining from the Standards Workshop. Bonnie proposed OCALD stationary be obtained and any remaining money be put into the “special fund”. Sharon Saulmon seconded. It was passed unanimously.

Marty Thompson asked about running this special fund through the Regents’ Office. Phil voiced a concern about doing it through the Regents and suggested going through a campus foundation. Victoria Swinney suggested it might be easier to do this through one of the private institutions. Sherry will investigate possibilities.

Sharon Saulmon asked if there was a desire to have a Standards Study Group. Sherry will send out an email requesting input.

Victoria Swinney presented a resolution to thank the Workshop presenters. Bonnie McNeely seconded and it was passed unanimously. Oklahoma Council of Academic Library Directors thank Dr. Bill Nelson and Dr. Bob Fernekes for presenting the morning session of the April 27, 2006 workshop ‘Using the ACRL Standards for Assessment, Accreditation, and Institutional Outcomes.’ OCALD members thank Don Gilstrap, Dr. Victoria Swinney, Karen Neurohr, Sharon Morrison, Steve Locy, Dr. Alan McKiel, Tom Thorisch, Jason Dupree, and Tony Hardman for serving as workshop panelists.

Tony Hardman made an announcement about the health of his predecessor at Western. He also discussed a concern about legislative activities. If any one is interested in working with Tony on fundraising and support of political opponents to bad legislation, contact him at his private email:

Marty announced an OLA endowment function on June 3. Susan McVey announced an ODL employee was leaving to work at the Weather Center library.

The next meeting was scheduled for September 21, 2006.

There was a motion to adjourn by Tony Hardman and Sharon Saulmon seconded. The meeting adjourned at 3:05 p.m.