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OCALD Minutes

Minutes of the May 29, 2003 meeting
OSRHE Regents' Conference Room

Dr. Ed Johnson called the meeting to order at 1:00. He introduced the new Chancellor for Higher Education, Dr. Paul G. Risser.

Dr. Johnson welcomed the receive sites for the teleconference meeting. The receive sites were WOSC, ECU, EOSC, Cameron, Ardmore and OSU-Tulsa.

Phil Moss introduced Maryanne Maletz, Vice Chancellor for Budget and Finance. She gave a short update of the budget for FY04. Ms. Maletz said there is a 9.99% cut for campus operating budgets but funding for the databases (PsychInfo and Newsbank) was left intact. Ms. Maletz also discussed the new tuition/fee structure.

The minutes from the March 11, 2003 meeting were discussed. Beth Freeman pointed out that under “Announcements”, those participants in the ODL Digital Grant should read OSU-Tulsa and OSU-Stillwater, instead of OSU-Tulsa listed twice. The minutes were approved as corrected.

Acknowledgements were given to retiring OCALD directors. Ray Lau from Northwestern OK State is retiring. He introduced Susan Jeffries from the Enid campus who will be taking his place.

Karen Olive from Redlands is retiring effective June 30, 2003.

Phil Moss provided a State Regents’ update. The board met in April and approved the new Regents Work Plan. The plan’s main points are High Quality, Differentiation among Institutions, Efficiency and Seamless Education. Phil pointed out that OCALD meets all these initiatives and can be a good example of resource sharing and portability and seamlessness (OK-Share). He said the Regents staff developed Building Oklahoma’s Future: A Statewide Plan. This is a more detailed plan on how these initiatives will be met. There is a link to both documents on the OSRHE’s website.

Phil also discussed changes in the Regents organizational structure.

Ed provided an ODL update. The Executive Committee met with Susan McVey. She said ODL sustained a 3% cut for FY04 which is on top of the 15% cuts from this year. She said the statewide databases have been saved for another year. Susan suggested sending letters of thanks to legislators.

Susan said EbscoHost will be up for bid in FY04. ODL needs 3 appointees from OCALD. Prior appointees were Barbara King from OCCC, Dottie Davis from Southeastern and Ann Prestamo from OSU-Stillwater.

The Nominating Committee reported the slate of officers for FY04 and FY05. The nominees were Dottie Davis for Vice Chair/Chair Elect and Jon Sparks for member-at-large. Marty Thompson moved to approve the slate and Danelle Hall seconded. The slate was approved.

Daphane Kerley presented an amendment and new article VI for virtual voting. She motioned for its approval and there was no need for a second. The amendment was passed.

Ed Johnson discussed changes to the committee structure in the bylaws. He said this is a good time to look at what the committees have been established and their purpose. He passed this on to Sharon Saulmon who is the in-coming chair.

Ed also discussed the web page committee. He said someone needs to take over the maintenance of the website instead of the Regents office. Volunteers are welcome.

Ed gave a short ERIC update. He had received a letter from Senator Inhofe.

Phil Moss mentioned an advertisement from a vendor selling access to library resources that was listed on the U.S. Distance Learning listserv and was also sent out through ODLA.

Danelle Hall gave a short report on OK Share. She said the annual statistics reporting form will be coming.

Thanks were given to Ed Johnson for his two years of service as OCALD chair and official passed the chair to Sharon Saulmon.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:00.

Barbara King
OCALD Secretary