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OCALD Minutes

Minutes of the May 20, 2010, meeting
1-3 p.m.
OSRHE, PHRCC Executive Conference Room

Attending: Nancy Draper, Susan Jeffries, Sharon Saulmon, Don Gilstrap, Barbara King, Jon Sparks, Arlita Harris, Alton Hardmon, Bonnie McNeely, Evlyn Schmidt, Kelly Brown, Elizabeth Jones (for Victoria Swinney), Adrianna Lancaster, Sheila Johnson, Mike Rusk, Beth Freeman, Alan Lawless, Jenny Duncan, Pamela Louderback, Maria Martinez.

Guests: Vicki Sullivan, Joy Summers Ables, Robin Leech, Anne Prestamo.

Continuing Business
Introductions – Don Gilstrap, OCALD Chair
Don called the meeting to order and announced that the OCLC American Region elections were taking place. Anne Prestamo is on the ballot.

Regents Discussion – Houston Davis, OSRHE Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Dr. Davis announced that a budget deal had been struck. The general state budget was cut 7% with higher education receiving a 3.3% cut and K-12 receiving a 2.8% cut. Revenue collection has improved. Tuition increases are expected to off-set the budget cuts. All stimulus money goes to the campus, with none going to the Regent’s offices. The Regent’s received a 7% cut last year, which will now be a total of 10% including next year’s 3% cut.

Discussion on OSRHE sponsored databases: The EBSCO package is $410,000. Dr. Davis is losing $58,000 from this account. The Regent’s are looking at cutting or doing away with the EBSCO package. A robust discussion followed about how important the database package is to the institutions and how it impacts every college and university student in Oklahoma. Dr. Davis asked the group to send usage statistics demonstrating the impact of the package. Don Gilstrap asked Barbara King to contact EBSCO for usage statistics. Don will work on impact statement for the Regents.

ODL Report – Vicky Sullivan
The Regent’s database deal is dependent on the ODL agreement with EBSCO. ODL has seven options (years) to renew with EBSOC. They are using federal funds to pay this contract. ODL budget cuts will be 7% ($500,000) on top of existing 7.5% cuts experienced this current year. The state has offered a sum of money for buyouts to people eligible to retire. If ODL takes it, the staff numbers will be frozen for three years. They have had one person take it. ODL has 56 FTE. ODL has applied for federal grant monies and is in the due diligence phrase. The $3.4 million grant will provide higher broadband for 45 public libraries, computer labs and other connectivity equipment. The ODL administrative support of the Oklahoma Historical Advisory Board received a grant (Threats to Your Collection), which are given to libraries. Several OCALD libraries received funds. They have $50,000 to award. 37 institutions received funds. ODL received Federal Depository of the Year award. Out of seven total awards given, two have been in Oklahoma.

OCALD Database Survey, Anne Prestamo
Based on the larger survey and discussion, Anne will focus on four areas. Only 13 institutions responded.

1) Site license for Chronicle – the numbers are too low for a site license.
2) FirstSearch – distribution is by EBSCO; we need to talk to them for access.
3) Upgrade EBSCO to Complete – only one institution needs to upgrade.
4) Gale Literature – there is limited interest.

Anne asked for further input from libraries interested in these items but didn’t respond earlier. Susan Jeffries indicated that it might be bad timing to have these discussions due to budget cuts and constraints. Don recommended we table the discussion for a couple of years to see if the budget improved. The membership agreed. Don thanked Anne for all of her work. Anne also talked about the list of free resources. Don asked her to send it to the OCALD listserv.

Committee Reports
Executive Committee – Don Gilstrap
The Executive Committee discussed the possible budget cuts and the Regent’s situations. The committee also discussed possible options if the Regent’s did cut the database program and that OCALD needs to leverage our economies of scale. Don also mentioned that OCALD needs to think about leveraging for things beyond databases, such as technology, information literacy and other items. Arlita suggested work on professional development together. Don suggested we share ideas on the listserv. The Executive Committee also discussed tweaking the by-laws to accommodate elections via technology. The group will put together a resolution and schedule it for a meeting next year. The group will meet in July to finalize next year’s meeting dates.   

Cooperative Collection Development – Barbara King
Barbara King gave the report. If anyone has issues with EBSCO, you need to contact EBSCO directly. Newsbank turned in a very high bid that ODL could not afford. Newsbank had an exclusive contract with the Daily Oklahoman, lost it, but now has it back. This affects what EBSCO can offer. Other EBSCO features outweigh the cost of the Oklahoman. Anne reported that Newsbank only bid for thousands of newspapers at a large price, and would not bid a smaller price with a smaller number of newspapers. Also, Newsbank only provides plain text. The only other option we have is to go directly to the Oklahoman. In the past, they would not negotiate a consortium price.

New Business
Election of OCALD Executive Committee Member-at-Large
The remotes sites called/texted Jon Sparks. Maria Martinez was elected the new member-at-large.

Suzanne Butte, from OCLC talked about OCLC’s CONTENTdm and showed several examples of institutions using the product ( Joy Summer Ables talked about OUHSC’s project of making unique collections related to the history of medicine  available online through CONTENTdm.  Robin Leech showed several OSU collections that have been digitized using CONTENTdm.  No other attendees had been using CONTENTdm, although several were in the planning stages.

Jon Sparks made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Adrianna Lancaster seconded the motion. The meeting adjourned at 3:40.