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OCALD Minutes

Minutes of the May 17, 2007 meeting
State Regents' Conference Room
1 p.m.

In Attendance:
On Site: Christine Dettlaff, Redlands; Jon Sparks, MACU; Walee Chotikavanic, OUHSC; Victoria Swinney, OK City University; Bonnie McNeely, UCO; Sherry Young, Cameron; Barbara King, OCCC; Kelly Brown, USAO; Susan McVey, ODL; Phil Moss, OSRHE; Tamie Willis, Oklahoma Christian: Don Gilstrap, OU; Daphane Kerley, Connors; Beverly Dowdy, UCO; Tony Hardman, WOSC

Remote: Mike Rusk, TCC; Evlyn Schmidt, Panhandle; Allen McKiel, NSU; Alan Lawless, Rogers; Anne Prestamo, OSU-Stillwater; Sheila Johnson, OSU-Stillwater; Jerrie Hall, OSU-Tulsa

Sherry Young called the meeting to order at 1:10 p.m. The minutes from the March 9, 2007 meeting were approved as written.

ODL Report: Susan McVey presented the ODL report. Ms. McVey discussed the National Legislative Day she attended in Washington DC. Other Oklahoma librarians attended as well. There was no academic library representation. June 26 is National Library Day in Washington DC during ALA.

Ms. McVey urged everyone to read the ID Act. She said it was the first step to exempt Oklahoma from participating.

Legislative activity was discussed. Ms. McVey reported that HB 1804, the Immigration Bill, takes effect November 1 and will affect everyone. Dr. Moss said the Regents’ Office has been asked for advice concerning this bill and that legal counsels should be looking at the bill. Dr. Moss said anyone using services will have to be legal and that could have major implications for the public.

Ms. McVey reported the Oklahoma Almanac has been printed. It is $15.

Regents’ Report: Dr. Phil Moss presented the Regents’ report. There was an update on the website for the Oklahoma history digitization project. Dr. Moss reported the Regents are willing to mount a page to link the projects. He asked for OCALD to let Sherry Young or Bonnie McNeely, incoming chair, know who will be the lead person to work with the Regents.

Dr. Moss reported that Carl Renfro’s nine year term as Regent has ended. He is being replaced by Ike Glass from Newkirk.

Dr. Moss reported that details of the budget agreement are still in the works. He said there will be permanent funding for OHLAP.

The Vice Chancellor search is under way. They hope to start interviewing in early June and have someone identified by July. Dr. Moss is chairing the search committee.

Dr. Moss discussed the tuition cap and textbooks.

National Information Standards Conference (NISO) Report: Beverly Dowdy, Electronic Resources and Serials Librarian, from UCO reported on the conference and provided a PowerPoint presentation. She reported the conference dealt with managing electronic collections, developing standards for statistics and consistency across platforms. She said NISO is writing standards for ERMS.

Survey Report and Elections: Sherry Young reported there had been various requests from librarians for survey information. These requests were combined into one survey and distributed to the OCALD membership. Dr. Young provided a PowerPoint presentation with the survey results. Dr. Young said she will distribute the results via email.

There was discussion about interlibrary loan and TransAmigos.

This survey may be done once a year.

The spring elections were conducted. Don Gilstrap, OU, was unanimously elected as Chair Elect. Christine Dettlaff, Redlands, was unanimously elected as Member-At-Large. Barbara King, OCCC, was unanimously re-elected as Secretary.

Officers for next fiscal year will be Bonnie McNeely, Chair, Don Gilstrap, Chair Elect, Christine Dettlaff, Member-At-Large, Jon Sparks, Member-At-Large, Barbara King, Secretary, and Sherry Young, Past Chair.

Committee Reports:
Sherry Young reported that Beth Freeman will be distributing the statistics form for OK-Share.

Dr. Young provided the Executive Committee report. The history digitization project was discussed by the Executive Committee and the Regents will host the page to link all the state projects.

Barbara King provided a report for Cooperative Collection Development and Resource Sharing. The listening databases are out for consideration. Several libraries either currently subscribe or are interested in these databases. Amigos will provide information on pricing for Naxos and Alexander Street Press databases. A trial to CountryWatch was distributed to the membership. One library voiced interest.

Dr. Jon Sparks provided the Expanded Instructional Support report. He said there has been very active email correspondence among the committee which consists of Jon Woltz and Jason Dupree, SWOSU, and Evlyn Schmidt from Panhandle.

Dr. Sparks discussed the guidelines which could help with getting additional funding for distance education support.

Daphane Kerley, Connors, provided a bylaws report. Ms. Kerley is retiring after 43 years in academic libraries. She provided a brief discussion of her tenure and how the bylaws for OCALD have evolved.

Marty Thompson, OUHSC, will help with the bylaws and Mike Rusk, TCC, volunteered to assist.

Njambi Kamoche, Langston, is leaving to take another job.

Announcements: Tom Messner, Broken Arrow, is opening a new facility.

Tony Hardman, WOSC, requested the results from Karen Neurohr’s recent survey on programming.

Bonnie McNeely will let the membership know when the next meeting will be in the fall.

Tony Hardman made a motion to adjourn and Daphane Kerley seconded. The meeting adjourned at 2:45 for a brief retirement party for Ms. Kerley and Dr. Moss.