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OCALD Minutes

Minutes of the April 10, 2008 meeting
State Regents' Conference Room
1 p.m.

On Site: Jon Sparks, SWOSU; Victoria Swinney, OK City University; Bonnie McNeely, UCO; Barbara King, OCCC; Sharon Saulmon, Rose; Susan McVey, ODL; Tamie Willis, Oklahoma Christian; Don Gilstrap, OU; Adrianna Lancaster, ECU; Dana Belcher, ECU; Jan Reinbold, SNU; Michael Foote, MACU; Sheila Johnson, OSU-Stillwater; Anita Semtner, St. Gregory’s; Susan Jeffries, NWOSU; Nancy Draper, Hillsdale; Anne Prestamo, OSU-Stillwater; Bonnie Juergens, Amigos; Kitty Pittman, ODL; Vicki Sullivan, ODL; Debra Engel, OU

Remote Sites: C. Evlyn Schmidt, OPSU; Alan Lawless, Rogers; Beth Freeman, OSU-Tulsa; Tom Messner, Northeastern

Bonnie McNeely called the meeting to order at 1:05 p.m. Minutes from the Jan. 24, 2008 meeting were approved.

State Regents Report: Dr. Davis was not present. No report was given.

ODL Report: Susan McVey provided an ODL update. She discussed what was happening in the legislature. She reported they passed a resolution to adjourn a week early. She reported on joint resolution 59 that would cap property tax and have a big impact on public libraries.

She reported the bill to allow weapons on campus is not completely over.

Amigos Changes and Update: Sharon Saulmon, Anne Prestamo and Bonnie Juergens, Executive Director of Amigos, gave a presentation on changes to the funding structure at Amigos. Ms. Saulmon is a member of the Amigos Board of Trustees and Dr. Prestamo is the Amigos delegate to the OCLC members’ council and is currently chair of the council. OCALD is the first group Amigos has talked with about the changes.

Dr. Prestamo then discussed possible changes in OCLC governance. She also provided a history of the OCLC members’ council.

Amigos will need member advice over the next year.

Committee Reports:

Executive Committee: Bonnie McNeely provided a report. The Assessment workshop will be in the spring of 2009. There will be national speakers.

Expanded Instructional Support: Jon Sparks talked about a proposed database for just academic librarians to communicate, refer, etc. It would be like “Ask a Librarian” from but just librarian to librarian. The OCALD website was discussed.

OKShare: Beth Freeman said she will send out the statistics form in July and needs it returned by August.

Jan Reinbold at SNU is retiring. Thanks were given for her support. Dr. Arlita Harris from Denton, TX, is her replacement and will begin August 1.

Sharon Saulmon announced the OLA Summer Camp. Information is the careers page of the OLA site.

The meeting adjourned at 2:45.