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OCALD Minutes

Minutes of the March 7, 2006 meeting
State Regents' Conference Room – Oklahoma City

In Attendance
Jon Sparks, MACU; Tony Hardman, WOSC; Marty Thompson, OUHSC; Victoria Swinney, OK City University; Jan Reinbold, SNU; Bonnie McNeely, UCO; Don Gilstrap, SWOSU; Sherry Young, Cameron; Sharon Saulmon, Rose State CC; Adriana Lancaster and Dana Belcher, ECU; Evlyn Schmidt, OPSU; Christine Dettlaff, Redlands CC; Susan Jeffries, NWOSU

Remote: Daphane Kerley, Connors; Kelly Brown, USAO; Mary Edith Butler, EOSC; Elaine Johnson, OU-Tulsa; Cindy Pollard, AHEC

Continuing Business: Sherry Young brought the meeting to order @1:30. Don Gilstrap is taking minutes in place of Barbara King.

Approval of November 2005 Minutes (
Daphane called attention to the misspelling of “Connors” in the minutes. This spelling correction was noted, and the minutes were approved.

OLA SMART Roundtable: Julia Harmon (Director of Shawnee Public Library) spoke on behalf of Joan Singleton (chair of the roundtable). Julia spoke on OLA Smart Roundtable. She recommended broadening the roundtable to include academic librarians as well as supervisors and managers. Invitation is open for OCALD members to join, and membership is provided out of individual OLA dues.

State Regents' Report:

Job Shadow Day Report: Sherry Young reported that Cameron had two students participate, and it was a very positive experience.

Legislative Report: Susan McVey presented on the Legislative Reports. She noted that there were approximately 10 pages of bills this year. For school libraries, there is a national move to require a certain percent of funding to the classroom. However, NCES statistics do not have a definition for school libraries, so they get squeezed out of this formula. State libraries have asked that the Department of Education include a definition of school libraries, but it is a long process.

Susan also reported that there are bills in the legislature that affect fair cash value of property which affects public library funding. HB 2158 has also been proposed by Rep. Kern which requires that materials dealing with homosexuality-themed or sexually explicit themes must be enclosed from children. Public libraries must comply to receive state funding. Costs might be around $800K to implement the bill. There are no definitions in the bill.

Funding looks positive for public libraries and higher education next year. There is uncertainty about the TABOR (Taxpayer Bill of Rights) initiative petition-enough signatures were obtained for referendum vote. Would limit tax revenue to CPI & population growth, and revenues in excess would be returned as a rebate. The petition is currently being reviewed for accuracy by the state supreme court.

Comments on Legislative Day: Tony Hardman related he enjoyed his first Legislative Day experience. Evlyn Schmidt stressed the importance of people from her area of the state attending the event. Marty Thompson referred to the recent OK Gazette article titled the "Holy War."

Committee Reports

Executive Committee Report: Sherry Young reported that the Executive Committee met to discuss the committee structures. Sharon Saulmon has put together information from other state’s organizations similar to OCALD that will be used for analysis. Currently, there might be some committee work and charges that overlap in responsibilities. Sherry also noted that Phil Moss was the guest of honor at the last Executive Committee and was presented with an honorary resolution of gratitude for his work and service to OCALD.

Expanded Instruction Committee: No report at this time.

Cooperative Collection Development and Resource Sharing Committee: David Robinson reported for Barbara King. The PsycInfo bid is currently open. So far there have been three proposals/respondents. David noted that trials or demos on-site are possibilities, and the committee will be completing the evaluation forms and meeting with the Regents' Purchasing Director on March 28.

Using the OCALD ACRL Standards for Assessment, Accreditations and Institutional Outcomes Workshop: Sharon Saulmon reported on the standards workshop and reminded everyone to register for the April 27th workshop at OCU. Speakers also need to register. The first part of the day will be national speakers working with academic libraries. The second part of the day will include break-out presentations from librarians within the state. The registration costs for the workshop include the book. The application is available under the Latest News Link on the website.

Event Fund Report: Marty Thompson reported no recent activity in with Event Fund.

New Business

Instant Messaging Reference: Christine Dettlaff asked members about IM Reference experiences. Sherry Young asked for the Expanded Instructional Support Committee to gather information on instant messaging for the group.

Oklahoma Library Association Conference OCALD Dinner: OCALD Membership will receive further information about this via the listserv.

Election-Executive Committee Member at Large: Nominations: Sharon Saulmon nominated Jon Sparks. The nomination was voted on and approved for Jon to serve in this position for two more years.


The next OCALD meeting is scheduled for May 4, 2006, at 1:30 p.m.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:30.