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OCALD Minutes

Minutes of the March 22, 2001 meeting
State Regents' Conference Room, Oklahoma City

Beth Anne Freeman called the meeting to order.

The minutes of the February 22, 2001 meeting were approved.

David Robinson discussed the Gale databases. The Committee is trying to meet both our needs and those of Gale. The plans include breaking down the FTE into smaller groups. Gale expressed concern at having a web page of information, which would include specific costs. David will put up a web page and allow a time for response. He is still waiting for a list of information from Gale.

David Robinson stated the Committee will be looking at Newsbank as it is coming up for renewal soon.

Beth Anne reported that the Student Survey is ready but has not been posted to the web yet. Phil will address the Survey if he gets to the meeting. Someone reported that it appeared on the Regents' web site today.

Ed Johnson reported for the Nominating Committee the following nominees for Executive Committee:

Vice Chair/Chair-Elect Sharon Saulmon Chuck Perry
Secretary Jon Sparks Barbara King
Member-at-Large Sherry Young Marty Thompson

No nominations were made from the floor. The slate of candidates was approved. The ballot will be posted to the web. Please vote by April 15, 2001.

Beth Anne reported that the Executive Committee did not meet. She started the discussion on the Statewide After Hours Reference Service by indicating this kind of service would take both money and staff. Jon Sparks indicated this type of service was a major topic of discussion at ACRL and referred to the Collaborative Digital Reference Service web page. He observed that libraries have cooperative catalogs, circulation, and databases on the state level, but no human resource sharing, as defined in a Reference Service.

Marty Thompson stated that if we don't do something involving human resource sharing, someone else will do it for us. He suggested that OCALD develop an optimal plan without a concern for who pays for the service. The suggestion was approved by the group and was sent to the Committee for further exploration, planning, and discussion. Three questions were posed: 1) Is this really a number one priority right now? 2) Should this be addressed by a Long Range Committee? 3) Should an ad hoc Long Range Committee be appointed? Also an observation: There are not enough librarians to fill the current job openings and salaries are still not comparable to other professions.

Via email, Mark Vargas observed that all libraries submit statistical information to ACRL and asked if we really know what is going on in Oklahoma based on those statistics. Is there an accumulation of Oklahoma statistics? Bela Foltin compiled these statistics for the group before he had to give it up. Beth Anne will call ACRL about the availability of state information. Sharon Saulmon volunteered to coordinate the accumulation of Academic Library Services (ALS) and ACRL statewide surveys.

Arrangements have been finalized for the April 18 buffet at the OU Faculty House. The cost will be $16.00 per person and you may bring a spouse or guest. The dinner will be at 6:00 p.m. and a bus will leave the Renaissance Hotel at 5:30 p.m. Deadline for reservations will be April 15. Please RSVP to Beth Anne Freeman. Danny Wallace, OU-SLIS, has requested time for a brief presentation.

Ed Johnson updated the group on Legislative action. Be sure to contact your Legislators concerning HB 1865. Most of it would be covered by Federal law and Public Librarians would like for it to be handled at the federal level. Public Librarians would like to receive money from the state to apply for grants, for reconstruction, new buildings, and etc. We need to contact Legislators to consider moving the databases to state funding and use these funds for additional services. Thank you notes should be sent to the Tulsa and Oklahoma City Representatives for their support. Ed Johnson asked ALA members to vote for the Oklahomans running for office.

Julie Ligon reported the Preconference plans have been finalized. Julie also reported that Phil Moss' wife has been very ill.

OLTN is meeting today to finalize their recommendations.

ACRL Conference topics were: 1) Plagiarism Service 2) Questia 3) Information Literacy.

Debra Engel will take Wilbur's place at the University of Oklahoma beginning April 16.

The group elected to have a May meeting, which will be May 24, 2002.

Meeting adjourned.

Karen Olive for Francine J. Fisk