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OCALD Minutes

Minutes of Meeting of February 6 held on March 11, 2003

Present: Evelyn Schmidt, Jan Reinbold, Danelle Hall, Karen Neurohr, Bonnie McNeely, Brother Benet Exton, Kelly Brown, Sherry Young, Njambi Kamoche, Beth Freeman, Allen McKiel, Phil Moss, Sharon Saulmon, Jonathan Sparks, Nancy Draper, Debra Engel (recorder)

Virtually present: need to find out locations

ODL Report: Susan McVey
To date, the ODL budget has been reduced over $800,000. Susan was notified today that an additional $93,000 would need to be cut. ODL has not had a budget hearing in the House or Senate to date. Statewide database bills are paid through June 30. Next year if ODL's budget is cut l5%, the SIRS database will be cut; if the ODL budget is cut 20%, the SIRS database and BIP will be cut. According to the Governor's proposed budget cut, ODL would be cut $4,444 next year. 230 libraries participate in the OLTN cat project; over 1400 libraries participate in the statewide databases.

2003 2004 will be the 3rd contract year for the EBSCO database contract. Susan thanked everyone who participated or contributed to Legislative Day at the capitol.

Karen Neurohr made a motion recommended that OCALD meet on the same day as OLA/FOLIO Legislative Day in 2004. Evelyn seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

Regents Report: Phil Moss
The new chancellor of the Oklahoma State System of Higher Education, Paul Risser, has made a commitment to visit every campus in his first 90 days. The important priorities for the chancellor include: 1. ensure quality; 2. differentiation between institutions; what is each institution very good at accomplishing ? play to the strengths; 3. issue of portability and seamlessness ? increase the way students can move between campuses; 4. efficiencies ? how we might find ways to save tax dollars.

State Regents' office is also dealing with realities of budget reductions.

Phil has handled the renewal of the PsychInfo contract. Cost has increased which is not a surprise. If institutions are interested in a PsychArticles contract with EBSCO, contact Kelly Brown.

General Business:
Several campuses noted that they are increasing or have a proposed increase for the library resource fee.

OCALD dinner at OLA. Wednesday, March 26 at 6 pm at Abuelos. Email Marty Thompson to confirm. Price is $18.95 per person. Location is l block south of the OKC convention center.

ALS Statistics: Sharon Saulmon is compiling statistics for OCALD. Send by March 26.

OLA Proposed copyright workshop. OLA would like to co sponsor a copyright workshop featuring Laura Gasaway. If you are interested in co sponsoring, notify Sharon. Potential audience: librarians and teaching faculty.

Committee Reports:
Cooperative Collection Development Committee: PsychInfo has been renewed.
OK Share: no report
Expanded Academic Support: will investigate possibility of a contract for
Arial or other ILL software with OCALD member.

Serials Interest Group will meet May 2 at OUHSC.

Participants in the ODL Digital grant: OSU Tulsa; OSU Tulsa; USAO, and TCC.

Next OCALD meeting: May 22, 1 pm, Regents office + virtual locations.