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OCALD Minutes

Minutes of the February 22, 2001 meeting
State Regents' Conference Room, Oklahoma City

Beth Anne Freeman called the meeting to order.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

David Robinson discussed the Gale database survey results. Majority of survey respondents indicated moderate to strong interest in the Literature Resources and Biographical Resource Center. Pricing information and a list of other suggested databases were available for the membership. David will be sending the list further information regarding demos and prices.

Dottie Davis provided an update on the OLTN database review committee. The committee has narrowed the possible vendors down to 5. They will meet March 5 to discuss the on-line previews and on March 22 to complete bid grade sheets and to make recommendations to OCALD.

Phil Moss reported on the status of the library user's survey. When it is complete the URL will go out over the list and everyone will have time to review it. Students will have approximately one month to respond. Data will not be available for response to the Student Advisory Board by the end of the spring semester. Discussion followed.

Phil reported on the status of our Internet 2 application. He also reported on two joint resolutions passed by the Faculty and Student Advisory Boards that could have an impact on libraries. 1) Institutions should be encouraged not to use social security numbers as student ID numbers due to privacy issues. 2) Institutions are encouraged to do an education campaign for appropriate use of the Internet - the issue is not to restrict usage, just to encourage responsible use. Phil will distribute both resolutions to the list.

Phil encouraged the membership to get PsycInfo payments in. He will provide a list of those institutions that have not yet paid.

Jon Sparks discussed the latest draft of the introductory statement for the Library Services to Distance Learners document. He stated that there are three documents that individual institutions can use to develop their own policy. A vote was taken and passed. The document will appear on the OCALD web page.

Sharon Saulmon provided a handout on statewide reference service in Florida. She wanted to know if others were interested. Jon Sparks reminded the group that the same issue was presented last year and voted down. Discussion followed.

Marty Thompson suggested preparing and presenting a document to the Regent's Office regarding what we could do if funding were available.

Ursula Scott asked about the possibility of OCALD could apply for grants or other outside funding.

Beth Anne will take these issues back to the Executive Committee to discuss further and will appoint a committee with specific charges.

Beth Anne announced that the Executive Committee had come up with a tentative list for the Nominating Committee. They will be contacted next week. They will be looking for people to serve in the capacity of Chair-Elect, Secretary, and Member-at-Large. If anyone is interested in serving, please forward your name to Beth Anne. The election results will be announced at the pre-conference dinner.

Sharon announced that the OLA Survey deadline has been extended until February 23. She encouraged the membership to attend Legislative Day. She also had OLA membership forms available, as well as registration forms for the "Creating CyberSeniors" workshop on March 30, and OLA Conference Previews.

Beth Anne encouraged everyone to attend Legislative Day and to show support. Marty Thompson encouraged everyone to write their legislators and continue to show support for the statewide databases. He also expressed concern that although the filtering bill is aimed at public libraries that higher education will be affected next.

Beth Anne discussed the pre-conference dinner. Pat Wagoner will be attending. We will be accepting Marty's offer of the Faculty House. Transportation will be provided. The cost for the meal will be under $20.00. If anyone has suggestions for additional guests, submit them to the listserv. The dinner will serve as our business meeting during the conference.

Bela Foltin suggested that next year the membership consider establishing/coordinating Information Literacy Programs.

The next meeting will be March 22, 2001.

Meeting adjourned.

Francine J. Fisk