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OCALD Minutes

Minutes of the February 17, 2005 meeting
State Regents' Conference Room – Oklahoma City

In Attendance
On site: Barbara King, OKCCC; Debra Engel, OU; Bonnie McNeely, UCO; Jan Reinbold, SNU; Nicole Willard UCO; Christine Dettlaff, Redlands; Susan Jeffries, NWOSU; Sherry Young, Cameron; Victoria Swinney, OCU; Jonathan Sparks, OBU; Don Gilstrap, SWOSU; Njambi Kamoche, Langston; Phil Moss, OSRHE; Sharon Saulmon, Rose; Vicki Sullivan, ODL
Remote: Karen Neurohr, Carl Albert; Beth Freeman, OSU-Tulsa; Mike Rusk, TCC; Francine Fisk, University of Tulsa; Alan Lawless, Rogers State; Anne Prestamo, OSU-Stillwater; Allen McKiel, NSU; Daphane Kerley, Connors; Jenny Duncan, OSU-Okmulgee; Kelly Brown, USAO; Cindy Pollard, Ardmore Higher Ed Center; Elaine Johnston, OU-Tulsa

Sharon called meeting to order at 1 p.m. Introductions were made and minutes of the November 18, 2004 meeting were approved.

Old Business - Committee Reports:

Cooperative Collection Development – Bonnie McNeely distributed the latest list of those institutions interested in the Mental Measurements Yearbook, MLA, and the Oklahoma Archives databases.

Web Page – Cindy Pollard reported she has submitted changes to the OCALD web page. You can still email Cindy with any changes.

OK-Share – Beth Freeman had nothing to report.

Expanded Instructional Support – Allen McKiel and Mike Rusk reported they have met twice since the last OCALD meeting. They reported they are making progress on the Information Literacy project. They should have something to bring to the group in a few months.

Regents’ Report – Phil Moss reported the retirement of Ned Bastow. Bob Anthony has been hired as the new legal counsel.

He reported the $500 million bond issue is making progress. The Regents’ plan to restore state funding levels and funding for OHLAP.

Phil reported on the Regents’ five goals, those being:

Phil spoke more on the student information portal. At the February meeting the Regents recognized a TCC professor as the Carnegie Professor of the Year. New programs approved were a Bachelor of Arts of Education in Cherokee at NSU.

Phil added a comment on a pricing error with Newsbank and said the international databases might be discontinued.

ODL Report – Vicki Sullivan reported the statewide catalog is in the final renewal process. She was able to tell the group the only two bidders were OCLC and Autographics. The contract should be awarded soon with the option to renew for four years.

New Business:

Nicole Willard from UCO reported on the Oklahoma Heritage Online Archives. The prototype website is accessible at

Daphane Kerley asked if the group wished to collect IPEDS data as we had done in the past. To do so a printable copy must be saved. It was decided to send the data to Sharon Saulmon at Rose.

Anne Prestamo reported on ESIG which is a group of EPSCOR (Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research) states. ESIG is a consortium focused on access to full text journal titles. Wilbur Stoltz, one of the leaders of ESIG, will be in Oklahoma City on March 1. A meeting with Wilbur and those interested in ESIG will be planned.

Sharon discussed planning a workshop on the new ACRL “Standards for Libraries in Higher Education” possibly in the fall. (Don Gilstrap, Victoria Swinney, Karen Neurohr, and Sharon will work on the workshop.) A nominating committee will be appointed for the spring election of officers.

Upcoming events were discussed and Debra Engel talked about the reception hosted by OU prior to the OCALD dinner on March 30.

Marty Thompson gave an update on current legislation.

The next meeting will be held on April 13, 2005 at 2:00 p.m. after Legislative Day.

Sharon adjourned the meeting at 2:50 p.m.