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OCALD Minutes

Minutes of the February 15, 2000 meeting

Beth Anne Freeman, chair, called the meeting to order from the teleconference host site at OCCC. The minutes of the January 25, 2000, meeting were approved. Freeman apologized to the other host sites for the technical difficulties experienced related to the teleconferencing.

Phil Moss reported that the State Regents would meet at OU on February 18 to officially act on the monies for the PsycInfo subscription. Moss announced a joint meeting of OTA and ODLA June 1-3 a the Myriad in Oklahoma City. Moss encouraged OCALD members to consider doing a presentation at ODLA if you are involved with distance learning at your campus. More information regarding the meeting can be found at Moss notified the membership that he now has a second office on the third floor at OneNet, which is located at 8th and Lincoln.

Freeman called for any final discussion on the By-laws revision. Freeman thanked I.D. Kerley and Chuck Perry for their work on the revised By-laws. The revised By-laws were approved.

Freeman called for a vote on the OK-Share Statistics Form. The form was approved.

Freeman opened a discussion on the Policy for Distance Learners. Phil recommended changing policy to guidelines. The Guidelines for Distance Learners were adopted by OCALD. The guidelines will be presented to the Council on Instruction and Council of Presidents before going to the Regents.

Freeman asked for discussion regarding the proposed Reference Librarian Expertise Database. After discussion from the membership the proposal was called to a vote. The proposal was defeated by the vote of the membership.

Ed Johnson reported on the status of UCITA. Senate Bill 1337 has been introduced by Senator Glen Coffee. Ed has drafted a letter to be signed by OCALD, OLA, and Public Library Division chair, in opposition to the bill. The membership approved the motion to send this letter to Senator Coffee.

Marty Thompson discussed various legislative issues that bear watching, specifically HB 2104 and HB 1305.

Freeman announced the OCALD-sponsored preconference to be presented at OLA. Registration flyers are in the mail with the OLA Preview. Please be aware that the deadline for the hotel discount for OLA is the end of February.

Moss discussed the joint resolution brought forward by the Student Advisory Board regarding library access. Moss suggested the formation of a joint committee including members from SAB, OCALD, and the Faculty Advisory Council.

Freeman requested the participants of this meeting fill out an evaluation to measure the success of the teleconference.

The next OCALD meeting will be Tuesday, March 21, 2000 at 1:00 p.m.

Meeting adjourned.

Francine J. Fisk