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OCALD Minutes

Minutes of the December 14, 1999 meeting
State Regents’ Conference Room, Oklahoma City

Beth Ann Freeman, chair, called the meeting to order. The minutes of the November 16, 1999, meeting were approved.

Phil Moss discussed the bids for PsycInfo. He distributed handouts and discussed the pricing formulas and the bids received. The review committee recommended OCALD to accept the OCLC bid, which included adding five additional ports. In distributing the cost share across the Oklahoma academic libraries, Moss was sensitive to FTE, usage and consideration of the cost each institution paid last year. As was done last year, the Regents will pay ½ of the cost of this contract. Moss needs commitment from the participating institutions ASAP. Freeman thanked Phil, Wilbur and the committee members for their work in this process.

Moss distributed information on the Online College of Oklahoma. The Regents have approved its establishment and have requested 8.7 million dollars to fund OCO.

Daphane Kerley gave a By-laws Committee report. A draft of proposed amendments was distributed for review. Comments or questions may be directed to Daphane. Amendments will be voted on at the January meeting.

Freeman announced that Barbara King accepted the appointment to the vacant Executive Board At-Large position. King will serve in this vacancy until it is filled through election effective June 2000. Freeman requested volunteers to serve on the nominating committee for the slate of candidates for the At-Large position to start June 2000.

Danelle Hall reported on the OK Share Committee. She requested comments on the proposed statistics form. After discussion with the members present, Danelle stated she would email the revised form for review.

Jon Sparks, chair of the Expanded Academic Service Support Committee, distributed draft proposals on a Reference Librarian Expertise Database and on Requirements for Provision of Academic Library Services to Distance Learners in Oklahoma Institutions of High Learning. These proposals are for review and will be discussed at a later meeting. Suggestions regarding the drafts may be sent to Freeman suggested Sparks post these draft proposals to the OCALD discussion list.

Sheila Johnson discussed a proposal from ACS for consortial pricing. You may contact the ACS representative at

Freeman discussed the February 15 teleconference meeting. The following sites have been targeted to host the teleconference: Weatherford, Alva, Ada, Miami, TCC and either OSU-OKC or OCCC. Sites will be finalized by the January OCALD meeting.

The next OCALD meeting will be Tuesday, January 25 at 1:00 p.m.

Meeting adjourned.

Francine J. Fisk