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OCALD Minutes

Minutes of the November 7, 2002 meeting
University of Central Oklahoma

Dr. Ed Johnson from OSU called the meeting to order at 1:05 p.m. There was a welcome from Bonnie McNeely and UCO’s Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs.

The minutes from the September 26, 2002 meeting were approved.

There was an introduction of new members, Dr. Allen McKiel from Northeastern Oklahoma State University and Kelly Brown from the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma.

Ed introduced Bonnie Juergens, Executive Director of Amigos. Bonnie was asked to speak about three things; what’s hot at Amigos, explain their QuestionPoint service and discuss EBooks.

Under “What’s Hot”, Bonnie talked about Amigos governance news, OCLC Connection, Web based training, First Search and the University of Houston Project.

Bonnie explained a little about Amigos’ offering of EBooks, their economic woes and networking.

Bonnie concluded with a discussion of Amigos’ QuestionPoint Service which is a shared reference service.

Old Business
Ed discussed a prior meeting with Susan McVey about ODL’s budget situation. More budget reductions are expected and it may become necessary to look at the state wide databases. The databases are funded through this fiscal year so it will be the accessibility of these databases next fiscal year which will be in question. ODL will start to evaluate these in the spring. Susan wants to appoint an Ad Hoc Committee to do the evaluations. She wants six representatives consisting of two from public libraries, two from academic and two from public schools. Ed and Sharon Saulmon from Rose State, will be OCALD’s representatives to this committee.

Appointments to the OLTN Advisory Committee were made. Representatives will be Sherry Young from Cameron, Ann Prestamo from OSU, David Robinson from OSU-OKC, Francine Fisk from University of Tulsa, Barbara King from Oklahoma City Community College and Karen Rupp-Serrano from OU.

New Business
Sharon Saulmon shared information on the Grolier Grant for recruitment of new librarians. She also shared information about Job Shadow Day on Feb. 4, 2003 and the OLA preconference.

There will be a Patriot Act Teleconference December 11, 2002 from 11 – 2 . Rose State and OSU-Tulsa will be hosting it.

Don Gilstrap shared on FYI on Ideal Subscriptions and ScienceDirect cost increase.

Committee Reports
David Robinson from OSU-OKC shared information from the Resource Sharing Committee concerning PsychInfo. It will expire at the end of January and an RFP will be issued. He said he is stepping down from chairing this committee and Tamie Willis from Oklahoma Christian University will chair.

Jon Sparks from OBU is chairing a new committee on salaries. Jon would like for people to email him salary information by classification if they did not participate in the recent salary survey.

Danelle Hall from OCU stated she thought the recent exchange of ideas about OK-Share card expirations was interesting. She said she thought it a good idea to have the cards expire at the end of the semester.

The next meeting will be a teleconference and the OKC location will be at the State Regents’ Office. This meeting will be on February 6, 2003.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:10 p.m.

Barbara King