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OCALD Minutes

Minutes of the November 20, 2008 meeting
1 p.m.

On Site: Bonnie McNeely, UCO; Marty Thompson, OUHSC; Michael Foote, MACU; Nancy Draper, Hillsdale; Tamie Willis, OC; Tony Hardman, WOSC; Don Gilstrap, OU; Anita Semtner, St. Gregory’s; Jon Sparks, SWOSU; Mike Rusk; Barbara King, OCCC; Vicki Sullivan, ODL; Susan Jeffries, NWOSU; Sharon Morrison, SOSU; Adrianne Lancaster, ECU; Dana Belcher, ECU; Sherry Young, Cameron; Sharon Saulmon, Rose; Arlita Harris, Southern Nazarene

Remote Sites: Bettye Black, Langston; Margaret Rigney, Connors; Jolene Armstrong, Connors; Tom Messner, Rogers; Laura Bottoms, Rogers; Beth Freeman, OSU-Tulsa; Jerrie Hall, OSU-Tulsa; Anne Prestamo, OSU-Stillwater; Evlyn Schmidt

Bonnie McNeely called the meeting to order. There was an introduction of the remote sites. Minutes from the October 16, 2008 meeting were approved as posted. There was an introduction of those in attendance on-site.

Committee Reports:

Regents’ Report – Dr. Houston Davis: Dr. Davis outlined the legislative budget for next year. He discussed funding for PsycInfo and Newsbank and said he would be working with the Executive Committee. He reported on Merlot and said Dr. Phil Moss is very involved with it. He briefly talked about the OK Heritage Association’s Oklahoma Voices, an oral history project.

ODL Report – Vicki Sullivan: Ms. Sullivan reported on the contract for the statewide databases. As soon as the OLTN Advisory Committee finalizes the new Technology Strategic Plan, the database selection committee will meet. She reviewed the selection committee process and said it should be final and a vendor selected by April or May.

MIPT Demo/Report – Dr. Brad Robison and Michele McCullar-Robinson: Dr. Robison gave a brief history of the Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism. Ms. McCullar-Robinson gave a PowerPoint presentation on the Lawson Terrorism Information Center site and the resources they have available to the public.

ProQuest Demonstration – Bill Mott and Brad Rhodes: Mr. Mott and Mr. Rhodes gave a PowerPoint demonstration on ProQuest’s newspaper databases, including ProQuest Central and Press Display.

Assessment Committee – Tamie Willis: Ms. Willis reminded everyone about the Assessment Workshop on May 19th at MIPT.

Executive Committee – Bonnie McNeely: Dr. McNeely discussed newspapers and said the newspaper database will be bid this year because of the dramatic increase in price.

The next meeting will be Jan. 22, 2009. The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 p.m.