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OCALD Minutes

Minutes of the November 16, 1999 meeting
State Regents’ Conference Room, Oklahoma City

Beth Anne Freeman, chair, called the meeting to order. The minutes of the October 19, 1999, meeting were approved.

Phil Moss reported that an RFP for PsycInfo has been sent to various vendors. Evaluation of the bids will be completed in December.

Moss reported on the FirstSearch extension to the ODL contract per a discussion with Susan McVey. He discussed with McVey the increased cost from OCLC AMIGOS to extend the contract to the end of June, and the 8% increase in the cost of FirstSearch. The Gale Group renewal is a 4% increase for next year, which is within the limits of the contract. McVey reported that ODL will try to cover as much of the costs as possible. McVey did ask about interest in additional databases. Phil asked the OCALD members to be thinking of requests for additional databases.

Freeman reported that Wilbur Stoltz, chair of Cooperative Collection Development and Resource Sharing Committee, has suggested that the committee work with the OCALD Executive Board to make the decision on vendor selection for PsycInfo in order to meet the tight deadline. The membership in attendance agreed to have these two bodies make the vendor selection.

Freeman reported on a meeting she had with Paul Cappuzzello and Barbara Nicholls at the recent AMIGOS conference in Dallas regarding OCALD’s response to their visit at our meeting last month.

Phil Moss announced that the rebate monies from the Gale Group for not supplying the historical backfiles to PsycInfo were applied to an agreement with FirstSearch to supply those files for the remainder of this year. Freeman asked that the usage statistics be reviewed to establish the charge back model for PsycInfo. Phil will ask for statistics from the Gale Group and FirstSearch on PsycInfo usage. It was also suggested that several factors might be considered to assess charge back.

The OK-Share Committee reported on the revision of the wording of the OK-Share agreement to allow for the return of materials via ILL. A motion passed accepting the revision. The committee distributed a draft form for gathering OK-Share statistics. Danelle Hall will post this form to the discussion list to solicit comments and reactions to the form. Freeman thanked the committee for their work and will place the statistics form on the December meeting agenda for discussion. Phil Moss distributed a draft of the press release announcing the OK-Share program. It will be released this week. Beverly Jones requested the new revision to the OK-Share agreement be amended on the OCALD web site.

Chuck Perry reported on the Bylaws Revision Committee. He announced the recent posting to the discussion list of a poll regarding standing committees of OCALD.

Jon Sparks announced the Expanded Academic Support Committee is working on a referral database for reference librarians and distance learning guidelines for Oklahoma libraries.

Freeman announced the upcoming appointment of the nominating committee. At the spring meeting, OCALD needs to elect one At-Large Member to the Executive Board. This At-Large position will serve a two-year term. Anyone wishing to serve on the nominating committee should contact Beth Anne.

Ed Johnson reported that he has finalized the plans for OCALD to sponsor a PreConference at OLA on Licensing Electronic Resources. The workshop will be presented by ARL on Wednesday, April 26, 2000 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Adams Mark in Tulsa. Lunch will be included in the registration fee. Sharon Saulmon will check with Ginny Dietrich, OLA Planning Chair, to secure at time on Thursday for an OCALD business meeting at OLA.

Freeman queried the group for interest in trying a videoconference for the February 15 OCALD meeting. The response was favorable. Phil Moss will look into the details.

Freeman opened a discussion regarding a planning effort to reach legislators about library issues. It was proposed that an education workshop for legislators and Regents be planned for the fall of 2000. It was suggested OCALD and SAB cosponsor this event. Volunteers will be needed to be part of this planning effort.

Ed Johnson volunteered to draft a response to the Mingle report to be sent to the Regents.

Phil announced that the OneNet Advisory Board would be meeting November 30. If you have any suggestions for the Board forward them to Phil Moss or Jim Beavers.

The next OCALD meeting will be Tuesday, December 14 at 1:00 p.m.

Meeting adjourned.

Francine J. Fisk