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OCALD Minutes

Minutes of the October 28, 2010, meeting
OSRHE Regents Conference Room
1-3:30 p.m.

Attending: Marty Thompson - OUHSC, Victoria Swinney – Oklahoma City University, Arlita Harris – Southern Nazarene University, Bettye Black – Langston University, Susan Jeffries – Northwestern Oklahoma State University, Sharon Saulomon – Rose State College, Jon Sparks – Southwestern Oklahoma State College, Don Gilstrap – University of Oklahoma, Tamie Willis – Oklahoma Christian University, Anita Semtner – St. Gregory’s University, Michael Foote – Mid-America Christian University, Marilyn Hudson – Southwestern Christian University, Christine Detlaff – Redland State College, Habib Tabatabaj- UCO (representing Bonnie McNeeley), Mary Rixen – Murray State College, Beth Freeman – OSU-Tulsa, Jolene Armstrong – Connor State College, Jenny Duncan – OSU-IT, Mike Rusk – Tulsa Community College, Alan Lawless – Rogers State University, Maria Martinez – Eastern Oklahoma State College, Evlyn Schmitt – Oklahoma Panhandle State University, Ben Hainline – Northern Oklahoma College, Jason Sherman – USAO (representing Kelly Brown), Sheila Collins – Northeastern Oklahoma State College, Sherry Young – Cameron University, Stewart Brower – OUHSC- Tulsa.

Guests: Nicole Williard- UCO, Dr. Debra Stuart-OSRHE, Vickie Sullivan-ODL.

Continuing Business
Introductions – Don Gilstrap, OCALD Chair
Each institution, both local and remote sites introduced themselves. Don told the group that OSHRE will be under construction at the Regent’s office during December. Therefore, the next meeting will be in February.

Approval of the Minutes
Arlita moved that the minutes be approved, Habib seconded. The motion passed and the minutes were  approved.

Regents Discussion – Dr. Debra Stuart, Vice Chancellor for Educational Partnerships
The Regents are discussing SQ 744. If it passes and if no funding source is identified, higher education will have a $78 million cut each year for three years (over $240 million cut). 

Dr. Stuart works with the faculty advisory committee, which is looking at textbook costs. The group wants to survey the institutions to see what each is doing to contain costs. The survey asks a question about whether or not textbooks are on loan in the library. Dr. Stuart offered to let OCALD have input into the questions if needed. She also asked if private institutions would like to be included in the survey. Beth Freeman asked if the group would ask a question about whether or not the institutions have implemented any initiatives via the bookstore. Dr. Stuart said that the survey contains a couple of questions about the bookstore but would add one about reducing the price of textbooks. Evlyn expressed concern that if institutions think the library needs to keep textbooks, where would the funding come from. Dr. Stuart said that the survey is not trying to determine HOW initiatives are implemented, just try to find out IF things are being done. Dr. Stuart will share the survey results with the OCALD group.

ODL Report – Vicky Sullivan
ODL recently installed new videoconferencing equipment in three facilities: two conference rooms and their computer lab. ODL has one more database up for renewal next year – the children’s product.  In the past, they have had a committee of six members. ODL wants to know if OCALD wants a representative on the committee. They also have representatives from public schools and public libraries. Vickie asked the group to let Susan McVey know next week if we want someone. Vickie anticipated two to three meetings. They are adapting the previous RFP as a starting point for the committee. Don asked that if anyone is interested in serving, let him know soon. Arlita said that she didn’t want to serve but hoped that we would have a representative. Marty agreed and suggested that Don find someone if no one volunteers. Arlita said she would do it if no one else volunteered but preferred that someone with more expertise volunteer.

OLTN Report – Mike Rusk
Vickie covered this committee’s report when she talked about having an OCALD representative on the Children’s product committee.

Committee Reports
Executive Committee – Don Gilstrap
The Executive Committee met this morning to discuss procedures for the voting today. Don expressed appreciation that so many people connected via videoconferencing. The Committee also agreed not to have a December meeting due to construction at the regent’s office. If anyone wants to host a meeting in December, let Don know.   

Expanded Instructional Support – Jon Sparks
Jon Sparks, Sheila Johnson and Tony Hardmon met and discussed the future of the committee. They recommend renaming the committee to the Public, Electronic, and Instructional Services Committee. A revised charge and rationale was distributed to the OCALD list. Don asked for feedback from the group in the next month or so.

Assessment Committee
Tamie reminded everyone of the upcoming OK-ACRL assessment conference on November 5th.

New Business
OCALD Bylaws Proposed Changes Voting
The proposed by-laws were distributed in August and discussed at the September meeting. Adrianna reported that there are 45 members of OCALD, 27 attending both in person and remotely, and we need 23 yes votes to pass the by-law changes. Marty said that at the September meeting, the By-laws Committee made a motion for the by-laws change. Since the motion was made by the committee, a second was not necessary. Three remote participants emailed their votes to Tamie. Ten remote participants voted via roll call.  Fourteen local participants voted via paper ballot.   

Votes: 10 remote participants roll call votes – all yes; 3 remote participants emailed votes – all yes; 14 in person votes – all yes. By-law change was approved.

Round-table Discussion on University Archives, Digital Repositories and Digital Dissertations
Nicole Willard archivist at UCO started the conversation. Several questions were asked about policies on campus, software used, mining of institution’s webpages, etc. Arlita shared information that they have university, city, and southern regional Nazarene documents. Arlita also talked about implementing electronic thesis – doing it via ProQuest. Each member went around the room and briefly discussed how they handle university archives. It ranged from minimal (student newspaper/yearbooks) to being responsible for the entire university archives as well as some regional groups/area. Several members talked about grants, some from ODL, using third party vendors, such as e-brary, and some of their specific special collections.

Email discussion topics for future meeting to Don.  The April meeting will be in Tulsa.  We are going to try to do the OCALD luncheon during OLA.

Jon Sparks motioned to adjourn.  Marty seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 2:45 PM.