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OCALD Minutes

Minutes of the October 18, 2007 meeting
1 p.m. -2:30 p.m.

Present: Bonnie McNeely-UCO, Sherry Young-CU, Don Gilstrap OU, Sharon Saulmon-Rose State, Nancy Draper-Hillsdale, Susan Jeffries-NWOSU, Marty Thompson-OUHSC, Bettye Black-Langston, Kelly Brown-USAO, Mike Rusk-TCC, Tamie Willis-OC, Victoria Swinney-OCU

Remote Sites: OSU-Tulsa, Beth Freeman, Stewart Brower; OSU-Stillwater, Rich Pastenbaugh

Guests: Kathy Latrobe, Rhonda Taylor – University of Oklahoma; Vickie Sullivan – ODL; Kirk Gordon – EBSCOO

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 PM.

Minutes of the September 20, 2007, were approved.

OU-SLIS Academic Libraries Discussion: Kathy Latrobe and Rhonda Taylor presented a survey they will be conducting, regarding employment of MLS graduates in the future. A draft of the survey was distributed and has been forwarded on the OCALD listserv.

Intent of grant is IMLS 21st Century Librarian Program initiative. Please send feedback to Kathy and Rhonda by October 26. If you have additional questions you would like to ask in this data gathering opportunity, they will integrate into the questionnaire. They will be sending the final survey through the OCALD listserv.

ODL Report: Vickie Sullivan reported on ODL initiatives. ODL budget has been submitted to the Office of State Finance which includes:

OLA focus this year:

EBSCO Presentation - Kirk Gordon:

Questions were asked by the membership about differences between ASE, ASP, and Complete.

Business Complete:

OCALD Digital Resources Web Site: Sherry Young presented on the Gateway to Oklahoma Online which includes digital content for Oklahoma universities about Oklahoma. Sherry suggested we publicize this site for additional Oklahoma resources about which others may be unaware. If anyone knows about other digital collections that could be added, please let Sherry know.

OU Textbooks on Reserve Initiative: Don Gilstrap provided an overview of the OU Libraries Textbook Collection, including criteria used for the process, campus partnerships and discussions, and access points for the collection. If anyone has additional questions about the collection, please let Don know.

OLA Mentoring Camp for Future Librarians: Sharon Saulmon reported on the mentoring camp which included sixteen children in the eleven to fourteen year old age range. Children went to many libraries on field trips and developed a blog. OLA would like to extend this program for several years, expanding programming involvement for the children. For more information contact Sharon and review information on the OLA web site.

It was suggested that OCALD members might consider sponsoring student registration fees in the future.

OSRHE Report: Bonnie McNeely provided the OSRHE update for Dr. Houston Davis. Please contact Misti Estrada about OK Share cards. Also, regents staff are developing a document for the public agenda for higher education focused on broad categories of access and quality. Central to this document is how we can prepare students for post-secondary education and increase matriculation rates at universities.

Committee Reports:

Executive Committee Report – Bonnie McNeely provided an overview of the OCALD Executive Committee activities. Of major interest to members, OCALD requests for consortial purchasing through OSRHE should be provided by January 2008. Possible suggestions where discussed, including newspaper databases, an upgrade to EBSCO Academic Complete, and Copyright Clearance site licensing for vendors and publishers. Please email Bonnie if you have other suggestions.

Cooperative Collection Development and Resource Sharing Committee – No updates.

Bylaws Committee – Marty Thompson encouraged members to please send issues about bylaws to Marty for review this year.

New Business:

Announcements: Marty Thompson reported on the appropriations bill on NIH funding research being made available for free on the NIH research. Please contact your congressmen. Marty will send out more information to the listserv. For more information, please contact Marty.

Don Gilstrap reported they would be holding three ILS vendor demonstrations on the OU campus during the month of November. For more information, please contact Don.

Bonnie McNeely reported that Murrah historical artifacts have arrived at UCO Library for permanent display.

Southcentral Voyager Users Group is being held in Stillwater October 17-19, 2007.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:30 PM.