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OCALD Minutes

Minutes of the October 16, 2008 meeting
1 p.m.

On Site: Bettye Black, Langston; Bonnie McNeely, UCO; Christine Detlaff, Redlands; Victoria Swinney, OCU; Marty Thompson, OUHSC; Michael Foote, MACU; Kelly Brown, USAO; Nancy Draper, Hillsdale; Tami Willis, OC; Tony Hardman, WOSC; Don Gilstrap, OU; Anita Semtner, St. Gregory’s; Jon Sparks, SWOSU; Mike Rusk, Jeff Siddons, TCC; Barbara King, OCCC

Remote Sites: Margaret Rigney, Connors; Beth Freeman, OSU-Tulsa; Richard Paustenbaugh, OSU-Stillwater

Bonnie McNeely called the meeting to order.

Kenneth DiFiore, Associate Director of Library Relations, Portico, presented a PowerPoint demonstration of Portico. Portico is a not-for-profit digital preservation service launched by JSTOR in 2005. It provides a permanent archive of scholarly literature published in electronic form.

The minutes from the April 10, 2008 meeting were approved as posted.

Each member provided a report of activities at their library.

Committee Reports:

Executive Committee – Bonnie McNeely: ODL has requested three representatives to serve on the statewide database committee. The statewide database (currently EbscoHost) is up for renewal next year and a new RFP needs to go out. Three names were put forward, Sherry Young, Cameron, Jon Sparks, SWOSU and Barbara King, OCCC. Tami Willis moved to accept these three recommendations. It was unanimously approved.

ODL Report – Bonnie McNeely: Dr. McNeely provided the ODL report for Susan McVey who was unable to attend the general meeting. ODL is requesting an additional $100,000 to cover any increases in costs. A reminder that March 10, 2009 is OLA Legislative Day. July 1, 2009 will be renewal time for Newsbank. Because of the dramatic increase in cost, OCALD will consider rebidding the product. Dr. McNeely will do a survey of OCALD requesting the names of each institution’s top 10-15 newspapers.

Assessment – Tamie Willis: The committee has been preparing for the OCALD Assessment Workshop. It will be held from 9-4 on May 19, 2009. The tentative location is the Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism (MIPT). There is a limit of 60 people, and registration will be $50 per person. The workshop, “Effective Assessment for Academic Libraries” will be presented by Steve Hiller and Jim Self.

Expanded Instructional Support – Jon Sparks: The committee has researched the feasibility of linking the different academic library organizations in the state through a Web 2.0 interface hosted through OCALD which would provide a better web presence. Please evaluate the handout Jon provided and email him if you think it is a good project to continue with.

OKShare – Beth Freeman: Beth reported that 29 institutions issued cards this year, and 954 cards were issued to patrons. This was a high number for OCALD this year. Beth also recommended that the OKShare stats should go on the OCALD web site. Please contact Misty Estrada at OSRHE for more cards if needed at your library.

New Business – Bonnie McNeely: There was brief discussion on the upcoming renewals of PsycInfo and Newsbank. Inflation costs were addressed by the OCALD members.

The next meeting will be November 20, 2008. The meeting was adjourned.