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OCALD Minutes

Minutes of the January 25, 2000 meeting
State Regents’ Conference Room, Oklahoma City

Beth Anne Freeman, chair, called the meeting to order. The minutes of the December 14, 1999, meeting were approved. Freeman announced that Phil Moss was ill and unable to attend today's meeting.

Linda Bollenbacher distributed the revised draft of the OK-Share statistics form. Since the possibility exists that Danelle Hall, who was unable to attend today's meeting, may have received additional changes to the form after it was posted to the discussion list, approval of the form was tabled until next month's agenda.

Daphane Kerley reported on the by-laws revision. A copy of the revised document will be posted to the discussion list. There was discussion as to whether the By-laws Committee should be a standing committee. The membership voted in favor of the By-laws Committee becoming a standing committee. Final vote on the revised By-laws will be held during the next meeting.

Wilbur Stolt reported on the Cooperative Collection Development and Resource Sharing Committee. He announced that OCALD is nearly at full participation for the FirstSearch PsycInfo subscription. He asked that your invoice for this product be paid as soon as possible. The committee requested feedback as to whether to pursue renewal of the NewsBank product. Beverly Jones requested that we be provided with usage statistics for this product. The membership asked the committee to prepare an RFI to NewsBank for other package offerings from that vendor. The committee also requested input from the membership for other products the committee should explore. Please contact any of the committee members if you wish to suggest products. Committee members are: Dottie Davis, Ray Lau, David Robinson and Wilbur Stolt. Freeman remind the membership to complete and return the recent OLTN survey. Sharon Saulmon and Beverly Jones volunteered to prepare a questionnaire to gather information on individual institution consortial participation in databases.

Jon Sparks discussed the two proposals presented by the Expanded Instructional Support Committee. The proposals are "Requirement For Provision of Academic Library Services to Distance Learners in Oklahoma Institutions of Higher Learning" and Reference Librarian Expertise Database". Jon will post both documents to the discussion list. He asked that comments and revisions regarding the documents be emailed to him at

Freeman announced the appointment of the nominating committee. Those members are: Nancy Draper, Carol Barry, and Barbara Pickthorn. The committee will prepare and submit a slate of candidates to stand for Executive Board; At-Large Member elected during even years.

Freeman announced the selection of four sites for the February 15, 2000 OCALD teleconference meeting. The host sites are:

Host site sponsors will contact and invite OCALD members in their area. Evaluation forms will be distributed to each site to measure the effectiveness of the teleconference. The Executive Board will meet in the morning at OCCC prior to the teleconference. Information regarding the teleconference will be posted to the discussion list.

Ed Johnson reported on the OLA Preconference, April 26, 2000, Adams Mark Hotel, Tulsa. Trisha Davis will present an all-day workshop on database licensing. The cost of registration includes lunch. Upcoming important dates are Legislative Coalition Legislative Day - March 8, 2000 and OLA Legislative Day - April 13, 2000. March 9, OLA UCD will present a workshop on Intellectual Property Issues. Ed will be the keynote speaker. Ed plans to speak about UCITA at the workshop and will distribute UCITA 101, which is an information sheet prepared by ALA.

Freeman requested Jon Sparks prepare an article regarding OK-Share for the Oklahoma Librarian and ODL Source.

The next OCALD meeting will be Tuesday, February 15, 2000.

Meeting adjourned.

Francine J. Fisk