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OCALD Minutes

Minutes of the January 24, 2008 meeting
State Regents' Conference Room
1 p.m.

On Site: Jon Sparks, SWOSU; Marty Thompson, OUHSC; Victoria Swinney, OK City University; Bonnie McNeely, UCO; Sherry Young, Cameron; Barbara King, OCCC; Sharon Saulmon, Rose; Susan McVey, ODL; Dr. Debra Stuart, OSRHE; Tamie Willis, Oklahoma Christian; Don Gilstrap, OU; Adrianna Lancaster, ECU; Dana Belcher, ECU; Jan Reinbold, SNU; Elissa Patadal, MACU; Mike Rusk, TCC; Sheila Johnson, OSU-Stillwater; Anita Semtner, St. Gregory’s; Bettye Black, Langston; Sharon Morrison, SOSU; Susan Jeffries, NWOSU; C. Evlyn Schmidt, OPSU; Kelly Brown, USAO; Marilyn A. Hudson, SCU; Nancy Draper, Hillsdale

Remote Sites: Alan Lawless, Rogers; Beth Freeman, OSU-Tulsa, Anne Prestamo, OSU-Stillwater; Pamela Louderback, Northeastern Broken Arrow; Margaret Rigney, Connors; Jolene Armstrong, Connors; Jenny Duncan, OSU-Okmulgee

Bonnie McNeely called the meeting to order at 1:05 p.m. The minutes from the October 18, 2007 meeting were approved as posted.

State Regents Report: Bonnie McNeely introduced Dr. Debra Stuart, Vice Chancellor for Educational Partnerships. Dr. Stuart discussed the Regents concerns over the cost of textbooks. She distributed a working document on this topic. The document addresses library issues. She opened it for questions. Jon Sparks mentioned Ebrary.

Dr. Stuart said the Regents had already put together their requests for legislative funding for FY09.

ODL Report: Susan McVey provided an ODL update. Feb. 3 the legislature will reconvene. Ms. McVey reported that so far there was nothing that would give us pause. However, funding is not as robust as in the past.

February 26 is an OLA Advocacy Workshop at the Moore Public Library. March 11 is Legislative Day.

Ms. McVey reported on LSTA funding. She said we need to be concerned over how they interpret funds may be spent. They are saying that anything funded must benefit the end user.

ODL staffing has been moved from federal to state dollars. ODL has three budget priorities: $130,000.00 for three positions, a family history database and public library money.

The Museum and Library Services Board has two representatives with Oklahoma ties, Dr. Lotsee Patterson from OSU and Dr. Mark Herring, previously at OBU.

Gale Presentation: Representatives from Gale gave a demonstration of two of their literature databases, Literature Resource Center (LRC) and Literary Criticism Online. They discussed pricing structures for statewide access, an annual subscription option and an archival option.

Committee Reports: Dr. McNeely gave a report from the Executive Committee.

If anyone has any suggestions for the February agenda, please let her know. Dr. Davis said to submit any budget requests for the Regents to him by the end of January. According to Dr. Stuart it may be too late for FY2009 but the request will still be submitted, as per Dr. Davis’s instructions. There are two vendor proposals. One is to upgrade from Ebscohost’s Elite to Premier or Complete (Academic and Business databases). The second one is for Gale’s LRC or Literary Criticism Online.

Ebsco’s Option I is to upgrade to Premier, Option II is to Complete. This will also provide access to all public, K-12 and academic libraries.

No report from the Cooperative Collection Development and Resource Sharing Committee.

Tamie Willis provided a report for the Assessment Committee. They are developing a proposal for an assessment workshop for November or possibly spring. If anyone wants access to the assessment listserv, let Karen Neurohr at OSU know. A request for $1500.00 for an honorarium for the speakers will be submitted to the Regents.

No report from the Expanded Instructional Support Committee.

No report from the OKShare committee.

Allen Lawless reported on the number of responses on the OK Academic Library Survey (ALS).

New Business: Marty Thompson presented the proposal from the Bylaws Committee (Sheila Johnson, Marty Thompson and Mike Rusk) for the bylaws change that went through the Executive Committee. It was opened for discussion.

Mike Rusk provided a brief history of the original bylaws and voiced a concern over the change because he feels it moves from a required directors’ membership.

Sheila Johnson gave a counter thought supporting the change.

Jon Sparks said that OCALD needs participation from all libraries and this change will allow for that.

Don Gilstrap commented that all officers are still elected by the membership.

Bonnie McNeely commented there is very capable staff at the research institutions that provide invaluable input on statewide decisions.

Voting was done by ballot and submitted to Marty Thompson, chair of the Bylaws Committee. Remote sites gathered input.

A vote, by show of hands, for the database subscription request to the Regents was done first.

Before the final vote, Susan McVey wanted to remind everyone about the Ebsco proposal. It is dependant on the statewide contract which expires June, 2009.

The vote for Ebsco was 17 in favor on site and 4 in favor at the remote sites.

The vote for Gale was 2 in favor on site and 1 at the remote sites.

A request for Ebsco will be put forward to the Regents.

Marty reported the results of the voting for the Bylaws change: 20 in favor 6 opposed. The proposed change passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:15.