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OCALD Minutes

Minutes of the January 22, 2009 meeting
1 p.m.

Attending: Jon Sparks, SWOSU; Arlita Harris, SN; Marilyn Hudson, SCU; Tamie Willis, OC; Victoria Swinney, OCU; Anita Semtner, St. Gregory’s; Susan Jeffries, NWOSU; Sharon Morrison, SOSU; Jenny Duncan, OSU-Okmulgee; Karen Neurohr, OSU; Marty Thompson, OUHSC; Don Gilstrap, OU; Betty Black, Langston; Vicki Sullivan, ODL

Off-site: Beth Freeman, OSU-Tulsa, Tom Misner, NEOSU-Broken Arrow; Margaret Rigney, Connors; Alan Lawless, RSU

Approval of Minutes of the November 20, 2008 Meeting:

Update from the State Regents Office – Dr. Houston Davis: PsychInfo RFP is in process at OSRHE. Higher education budget still in discussion. Idea is to hold tuition at same levels for the next year. Adult degree completion programs are still in the works. Federal stimulus package will affect how higher education budget plays out, as well as block grants to state.

Update from ODL – Vicki Sullivan: 3500 bills filed this session, several tax reduction bills. Another TABOR bill is on the table. Vicky distributed a report with 56 bills. Still too early in the legislative session to tell the status on these bills. First legislative hearing, Jan 13, Senate Appropriations Sub-Committee on Education. Increase in funding for statewide databases has been requested as part of the renewal process. First meeting for ODL Database Selection Committee tentatively scheduled for Feb 24. Process should take until May for final decision. New contract would start July 1. Books in Print contract comes up Oct. 1.

Presentation on Digital Newsroom at Southwestern – Jon Sparks: Jon presented on the creation of their “newsroom” at SWOSU which includes plasma televisions, reclining chairs, and an audio book collection to reach out to millennial students. SWOSU is also in the process of renovating space for a media creation center.

Committee Updates

Executive Committee – Bonnie McNeely: Executive Committee reviewed activities of current OCALD committees.

Database RFP’s – Barbara King: Barbara was unable to attend, but Dr. Davis’ overview of RFP process summarizes Barbara’s report.

Assessment – Tamie Willis: Assessment workshop – The Assessment Committee will send another email about registration for the workshop on May 19 at the MIPT in Oklahoma City.

New Business

Announcements: Bonnie announced the ALS survey is due at the end of February. We need someone to volunteer to coordinate data collection. She will send the call out to the list.

Karen Neurorh – Co-chair of the assessment committee asked for approval from OCALD to approach SLIS alumni board for student scholarships. Jon Sparks put forth a motion to approve which was seconded. No discussion. The motion was approved unanimously.

Other items: Bonnie noted speaker for the February meeting would be announced shortly.

Meeting was adjourned at 2:45 p.m.