MARCH 25, 2009


OPSU Green Experiment Under Way

Photo of NSU centennial crowd at the institution's Centennial Plaza.
Brent Burgess, recycling program facilitator, implemented the green experiment project to determine the viability of recycling on the OPSU campus.


Long known as the Oasis of the Plains for the beautiful campus landscape, students at Oklahoma Panhandle State University are now trying to green things up in a different way.

The Service Learning Project Committee at OPSU has initiated a recycling experiment on campus to assess the possibility of beginning a permanent program. Recycling bins for paper, plastic, and aluminum cans were placed in locations across campus for students, faculty and staff to use. The paper and plastic bins filled quickly, but very few aluminum cans were submitted. When the 15-student committee discovered the nearest recycling center does not accept plastic, they decided to focus only on paper recycling this semester.

Members hope to expand the project as soon as facilities become available to accept other material.
Brent Burgess, the program’s facilitator, teaches political science courses and implemented the project to ascertain the viability of a recycling project on campus. For more information about the program, telephone Burgess at 580-349-1486 or email him at