Campus E-Clips Newsletter Submission Guidelines & Deadlines


The Communicators Council online newsletter contains news items – submitted by the state’s 25 colleges and universities – that have statewide appeal to faculty, staff and administrators within the Oklahoma State System of Higher Education. Institutions are encouraged to utilize this promotional tool by submitting articles to the General Awareness Committee of the Communicators Council.


  1. All copy should be submitted in plain text, Times New Roman font and 12-point type. Links to articles and artwork will not be accepted.
  2. Following the posted deadline for submission, the General Awareness Committee will review submitted articles for possible inclusion in the upcoming issue. The committee reserves the right to edit any article selected to appear in the online newsletter.
  3. Submitted items should adhere to the guidelines printed in the latest edition of the Associated Press Stylebook and meet professional standards. Any material requiring editing or rewriting will be returned to the submitter.  
  4. Articles and photos must be e-mailed to no later than nine working days prior to the newsletter’s official posted release date. The posted dates will be listed on the on the Communicators Council Web site at DO NOT put the newsletter e-mail address on any distribution lists. Submit only the articles, photos and events that are considered the highest priority for your institution.
  5. You may send questions, comments, suggestions or corrections to

Articles (up to three submissions per issue)

  1. Articles must be submitted through a Communicators Council member and/or the member’s designee. No more than two individuals per institution will be permitted to submit articles.
  2. No more than three articles may be submitted by any one institution per issue.
  3. Articles must include a headline and contact information. Digital photos and artwork may accompany submitted articles, but photos must include captions that clearly describe what action is taking place in the photos. No links to photos will be accepted.

Photos/artwork (one submission per issue)

  1. Council members and/or the designee may also submit a photo for consideration for the Photo Gallery section of E-Clips. Each photo must contain an accurate description of what action is taking place.

Events (up to two submissions per issue)

  1. Council members and/or the designee may also submit information about a maximum of two upcoming campus events that would have statewide appeal for inclusion in the newsletter’s calendar of events section. Submissions must be clearly marked as events. Event information must include the name of the event, date(s), times and contact information.

Multimedia (one submission per issue)

  1. Institutions are invited to send video clips that have statewide appeal. The clips will link directly to the submitting institution’s Web site, YouTube, etc.

Send questions, comments, suggestions or corrections should be sent to

2009-10 Newsletter Deadlines

Campus E-Clips publication schedule is based on Communicator Council meeting dates. Stories and photos should be submitted by 5 p.m. on the submission deadline. Deadlines are subject to change. An advance email notice of the deadline is sent out a few days before to CC officers on each campus.

Submission Deadlines Publication Date
Wednesday, February 3
Wednesday,February 17
Wednesday, March 10
Wednesday, March 24
No publication for April
No publication for April
Wednesday, May 5
Wednesday, May 29
Wednesday, June 2
Wednesday, June 16
No publication for July
No publication for July
Wednesday, July 21
Wednesday, August 4