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Program Requirements

Students receive credit toward an associate of applied science degree when they complete preliminary studies, including general education requirements and specific technical courses at the participating Oklahoma college or university, as well as complete all required U.S. Navy technical training programs curricula and job experience.

All non-active military students taking college courses must meet state system admission standards. High school students must satisfy the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education's guidelines for cooperative programs between career technology schools and higher education, including concurrent enrollment requirements for general education courses. Active-duty military students must meet adult admission requirements for state colleges and universities.

All students must meet and maintain the prerequisites and academic standards of participating colleges or universities and maintain all eligibility requirements for the U.S. Navy technical training programs of study/career paths for which they enlist.

The following are requirements for the degree:

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1Minimum of 15 credit hours must be completed through the degree-granting institution.
2Existing degrees or appropriate degrees will be used; degree program title will vary by participating State System institution and the technical training received on active duty in the Navy.
3Students with less than 30 hours ACE credit should contact individual participating institutions for other options.

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Program Requirements

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