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Grant Writing Resources

The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education have provided links to the following websites and hope they are helpful. However, the State Regents cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy or content of these sites or guarantee full access to them.

PowerPoint Presentations
Proposal Review Services and Mentoring
Writing Resources
External Evaluators

PowerPoint Presentations

NOTE: These PowerPoint presentations are available for your use without permission. Feel free to download and use for training and personal use.

Beginning Grant Writing (PPT, 223k)
Budget Preparation for Grant Proposals (PPT, 28k)
Collaboration: Gaining Partners, Support and Commitment for the Grant Project (PPT, 40k)
CRA: Budgeting and Accounting (PDF, 335k)
CRA: Electronic Submission: CRA Exam Body of Knowledge (PDF, 68k)
CRA: Ethics and Professionalism: Financial Conflict of Interest (PDF, 124k)
CRA: Human Subjects (PDF, 625k)
CRA: Proposal Development (PDF, 276k)
Developing the Grant Proposal Idea (PPT, 51k)
Dissemination: Communication, Public Relations, and Propaganda (PPT, 81k)
Ethics in Grant Projects and Research (PPT, 91k)
Evaluation Programs for Grant Projects (PPT, 148k)
The Funding Picture: 2008 (PPT, 859k)
The Funding Picture: 2007 (PPT, 664k)
Getting and Making Money With Grants and Grant Writing (PPT, 171k)
Grant Assistance 2007 (PPT, 541k)
Grant Writing 101: How to Write a Grant Proposal and Like It! (PPT, 120k)
Grant Writing eTraining in Oklahoma (PPT, 3m)
Grant Writing Workshop: Beginning Grant Writing (PPT, 10.2m)
Grantsmanship for Community College (PPT, 841k)
How to Get Started in Research (PPT, 79k)
How to Review and Become a Reviewer (PPT, 83k)
How to Write a Successful Grant Application (PPT, 2.6m)
i2E: Turning Innovation Into Enterprise (PPT, 668k)
Indirect Costs (PPT, 30k)
Myths of Grant Writing (PPT, 315k)
NCURA International Research Fellowship, October 2013 (PPTX, 5.6m)
NSF in Brief (PPT, 269k)
NSF for Community Colleges (PPT, 7m)
OCAST: 2007 Summer Grant Writing Institute (PPT, 5.4m)
OCAST: Building Partnerships (PPT, 553k)
Oklahoma Economic Development Federal and State Initiatives Grant Writing Workshop (PPT, 915k)
Oklahoma Education Information System (OEIS) Web Site and Other Useful Sources of Information (PPT, 849k)
Oklahoma EPSCoR's New Research Infrastructure Improvement Grant (PPT, 872k)
Oklahoma Higher Education Grantsmanship: EPSCoR’s Involvement (PPT, 1.5m)
OneNet (PPT, 4.5m)
OSRHE State of Funding 2007 (PPT, 544k)
Preparation (PPT, 415k)
Plain English: Writing User-Friendly Documents (PPT, 104k)
The Power of Undergraduate Research (PPT, 1.3m)
Promoting an Undergraduate Research Culture (PPT, 7.9m)
Search and Select (PPT, 717k)
Successful Grant Writing for Teachers (PDF, 1.7m)
Time Management for Grant Writing (PPT, 463k)
Title III and Title V Symposium (external link)
UG Internal Controls (PPTX, 178k)
UG Intro: Shreddies (PPTX, 544k)
UG Purchasing Changes (PPTX, 120k)
UG Some Quick Basics (PPTX, 119k)
UG Subpart C: Pre-Federal Award Requirements and Contents of Federal Awards (PPTX, 159k)
UG Subpart E: Cost Principles (PPTX, 161k)
Writing More Effective NSF Proposals (PPT, 491k)


Proposal Review Services and Mentoring

Grant Writers Seminars & Workshops LLC., Los Olivas, Calif., Stephen Russell and David Morrison
Oklahoma State University Regents Professors (no fee) (PDF, 25k)


Writing Resources (external links – open in a new window)


*Made public in early 2006, the index shows a county-by-county breakdown of various education, economic and social factors. Please note that several Oklahoma counties are found to be in the “most critical” need for higher education. Information on this site could help in prioritizing institutional activities and grant writing.
**This course is prepared by The Foundation Center for non-profit organizations. It is well organized and useful for college and university proposal writing, too.
***The Michigan State University Library system has created this collection of 519 listings on all things grant-related.
****The Oklahoma Department of Homeland Security is the single point of contact for all grants submitted to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. 74 O.S. Supp. Section 51.1 (E) lists duties of the Oklahoma Homeland Security Director including, "Coordinating the Homeland Security efforts within the State of Oklahoma, including working with the Governor and Legislature, state agencies, and local elected officials and local governments, emergency responder groups, private-sector businesses, educational institutions, volunteer organizations, and the general public. State agencies receiving federal funding for homeland security purposes shall report the amount and intended use of those funds to the Oklahoma Homeland Security Director to ensure efficient use of funds and to avoid duplication of efforts."
*****National Science Foundation Division of Undergraduate Education Programs - Through this system you can access updated information about DUE projects that is provided and maintained by individual principal investigators. A text search of these records will produce a list of NSF DUE-funded projects which match your input.