Governor Mary Fallin

Seal Governor Mary Fallin Seal

Governor Mary Fallin was elected Nov. 2, 2010, during a historic election in which she became the 27th governor and the first-ever female governor of Oklahoma. She was reelected in 2014 to her second term.

Since Fallin took office in 2011, Oklahoma has consistently ranked among the top states for job creation in the nation.

Prior to serving as governor, Fallin represented the people of Oklahoma in a number of state and federal positions. She served two terms as a state representative before becoming Oklahoma’s first Republican and first woman lieutenant governor in 1995. After serving as lieutenant governor for 12 years, Fallin served two terms in the U.S. House of Representatives from 2007 to 2011. 

Governor Fallin has signed bills to modernize and streamline government operations, responsibly cut the income tax, increase compensation for public employees, and address the state’s fiscally unstable pension system. The governor has also signed into law historic lawsuit reform and a complete overhaul of the state’s workers' compensation system.

As the former chairman of the National Governors Association, Governor Fallin led a nationwide initiative — "America Works: Education and Training for Tomorrow’s Jobs" — seeking to better align education with 21st century workforce needs.