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Student Complaints

This complaint form applies to the following:

Students attending a public or private (not-for-profit or for-profit) institution should pursue concerns directly with the institution according to its dispute resolution or complaints policy. Dispute resolution or complaints policies are usually published in the institution's catalog or student handbook and/or posted on the institution's webpage.

If the institution has responded, but the student disagrees with the response, the student may elect to follow the institution's dispute resolution or complaints policy for taking the complaint to a higher administrative level within the institution, such as the dean of the college or chief academic or student affairs administrator. It is important to examine the policy carefully in effort to know when the student has exhausted the appeals process.

If the student pursues the complaint via the institution's formal procedures for complaints to the highest level possible and still perceives the concerns have not been adequately addressed, the student may file a complaint against a higher education institution in Oklahoma with the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education (OSRHE).

Complaints must be submitted on the official student complaint form (opens in new window). OSRHE staff request permission to contact the institution on the student’s behalf to identify any possible resolution.

It is important to note that the student must have exhausted the institution’s complaint and appeal process before the OSHRE will to attempt to help the student identify any possible resolution with the institution.

*A student who attends an out-of-state SARA institution and has not had his/her issue resolved at the institutional level may be directed to the home SARA portal agency of the institution against which the complaint has been logged.