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Academic Forms

Completed new program forms, program modification forms and cooperative agreements should be submitted to Chancellor Glen D. Johnson at the following address:

Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education
655 Research Parkway, Suite 200
Oklahoma City, OK 73104

For more information, contact Stephanie Beauchamp, 405.225.9399.

Academic Calendar Submission Form (Word, 25k) (PDF, 87k)
Academic Plan Template (Word, 238k) (PDF, 143k)
New Program Request Form for Embedded Certificates (Word, 26k) (PDF, 75k)
New Program Request Form for Traditional and Online Programs (Word, 44k) (PDF, 191k)
Cover Page for Dual or Joint New Program Request Form for Traditional and Online Programs (Word, 22k) (PDF, 48k)
Existing Program Online Delivery Request Form (Word, 99k) (PDF, 108k)
Request for Program Modification (Word, 42k) (PDF, 61k)
Program Deletion Form (Word, 24k) (PDF, 86k)
Program Suspension Form (Word, 29k) (PDF, 52k)
Program Name Change / Degree Designation Change Form (Word, 26k) (PDF, 88k)
Option Addition Form (Word, 26k) (PDF, 67k)
Option Deletion Form (Word, 37k) (PDF, 56k)
Option Name Change Form (Word, 24k) (PDF, 87k)
Program Requirement Change Form (Word, 48k) (PDF, 67k)
Other Degree Program Modification Form (Word, 42k) (PDF, 60k)
Post Audit Report/Review for Final Approval Form (Word, 19k) (PDF, 97k)
Cooperative Agreement Program Request Form (Word, 86k) (PDF, 60k)
Cooperative Agreement Request for Modification Cover Page (Word, 41k) (PDF, 57k)
Cooperative Agreement Deletion Form (Word, 32k) (PDF, 40k)
Cooperative Agreement Request for Modification Form (Word, 46k) (PDF, 64k)
Low Productivity Report Form (Word, 35k) (PDF, 70k)
Intensive English Program (IEP) Evaluator Guidelines (Word, 79k) (PDF, 184k)
Program Review Executive Summary Template (Word, 42k) (PDF, 18k)
Program Review Summary Template (Word, 59k) (PDF, 115k)
Regular or Low Producing Program External Review Template (Word, 47k) (PDF, 62k)