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Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant (OTAG)


Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant Program (OTAG) General Information
Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant Program (OTAG) Webpage (opens in new window)
OTAG Handbook (PDF, 180k)
Administrative Rules
(maintained by the Office of Administrative Rules of the Oklahoma Secretary of State) (NOTE: Direct links to the rules are not currently available. On the OAR site, click the blue "Search Code" button on the left and enter "OKLAHOMA TUITION AID GRANT" in the search box.)
OSRHE Residency Policy (OSRHE Policy and Procedures Manual, Chapter 3 - Academic Affairs. View Section 3.18 of PDF file.)
OTAG Authorized Institutional Representative Form (PDF, 13k)
2019-20 OTAG Timelines and Procedures (PDF, 25k)
OTAG Student Eligibility Requirements (PDF, 87k)
2018-19 Flat Rate Award Amounts Compared With 2019-20 (PDF, 54k)

OTAG Award Claim Forms (for requesting funds for students at your institution)
2019-20 Instructions for Updating Excel Award Claim Form (PDF, 237k)
2019-20 Instructions for Updating Excel Award Claim Form for Nonstandard Term Programs (PDF, 236k)
2019-20 Instructions for Updating Text File Award Claim Form (PDF, 198k)
2019-20 Award Claim Form Template (XLSX, 440k)
2019-20 Award Claim Form for Template for Nonstandard Term Programs (XLSX, 443k)

Award Claim Form Text File Transmittal Forms (select institution from options below)

OTAG Disbursement Reports (for reporting the disbursement or return of OTAG funds issued for students at your institution)
2019-20 Instructions for Updating Excel Disbursement Report (PDF, 160k)
2019-20 Text File Disbursement Report Layout (PDF, 104k)
Disbursement Adjustment Reason Codes (PDF, 54k)

Awarding OTAG to Students Ineligible to Complete FAFSA
Statutory Provisions (external link to the Oklahoma State Courts Network)

Statutes (Higher Education Tuition Act) (external links to the Oklahoma State Courts Network)
Title 70. Section 626.1 - Short Title
Title 70. Section 626.2 - Aid Grants Created
Title 70. Section 626.3 - Administration
Title 70. Section 626.4 - Number of Grants - Work Schedule - Certain Students to be Defined - Minimum Eligibility Requirements
Title 70. Section 626.5 - Discrimination
Title 70. Section 626.6 - Qualifications for Grant
Title 70. Section 626.7 - Awarding of Grant - Amount
Title 70. Section 626.8 - Effectuating Provisions of Act - Determining Priorities for Participation
Title 70. Section 626.9 - Policies of Institutions Unaffected
Title 70. Section 626.10 - Legislative Intent - Funding