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Training Materials - Electrical Safety

Electrical Inspection Checklist (RTF, 50k)
Electrical Personal Protective Equipment Checklist (RTF, 2.4m)
Electrical Safety Training Guide (RTF, 87k)
Electrical Safety Training Outline (RTF, 20k)
Working Safely With and Around Electricity (RTF, 19k)
Electrical Safety Factors Checklist (RTF, 386k)
Electrical Safety Videos (RTF, 10k)

OSHA Region IV Electrical Training Program
The Region IV electrical outreach training proram is designed to assist users in identification and avoidance of hazards associated with electricity in the workplace in an effort to reduce injuries.

Training Documents
How Electricity Works (RTF, 18k)
How Electrical Current Affects the Human Body (RTF, 18k)
Burns and Other Injuries (RTF, 31k)
Electrical Safety Lesson Plan (PDF, 26k)
Flexible Cords (RTF, 805k)

PowerPoint Files
Electrical Fatalities (PPT, 4.7m)
Electrical Safety Slogans (PPT, 140k)
Power Line Safety Slogans (PPT, 2.2m)
Electrical Safety General Industry (PPT, 5.4m) - The basics and great photos of violations
Electrical Safety Review for Construction (PPT, 3.8m)
Electrical Safety Review for General Industry (PPT, 4.5m) - Great photos!
Electrical Safe Work Practice Review (PPT, 902k)
Review of 29 CFR 1910.137 Rule (PPT, 3.2m)
Fatality Review (PPT, 18k)
Review of 29 CFR 1910.269 (PPT, 8.4m)
Construction Industry Compliance Photos (PPT, 5.5m)
General Industry Compliance Photos (PPT, 3.4m)

Links to OSHA Electrical Directives
CPL 2-1.38B - Enforcement of Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution (PDF, 948k)
STD 1-6.6 - Inspection Guidelines 29 CFR 1910, Subpart I, revised Personal Protective Equipment Standards for General Industry
STD 1-16.7 - Electrical Safety-Related Work Practices: Inspection Procedures and Interpretation Guidelines
STD 3-12.1A - 20 CFR 1926.550(a)(15)(i) - Clearance Between Electrical Power LInes and Cranes
TED 1-0.15A - OSHA Technical Manual (covers a variety of issues, not just electrical)

Other Outreach Documents
OSHA 's Construction E-Tool: Electrical Incidents
OSHA 2254: Training Requirements in OSHA Standards and Training Guidelines (PDF, 721k)
OSHA 3007: Ground-Fault Protection on Construction Sites (PDF, 100k)
OSHA 3075: Controlling Electrical Hazards (PDF, 350k)
OSHA 3077: Personal Protective Equipment (PDF, 298k)
NIOSH 85-111: Preventing Electrocutions from Contact Between Cranes and Power Lines
NIOSH 87-100: Preventing Electrocutions Due to Damaged Receptacles and Connectors
NIOSH 88-104: Preventing Electrocutions by Undetected Feedback Electrical Energy Present in Power Lines
NIOSH 89-110: Preventing Electrocutions During Work With Portable Metal Ladders (and Scaffolds) Near Overhead Power Lines
NIOSH 92-106: Preventing Falls and Electrocutions During Tree Trimming
NIOSH 95-105: Preventing Electrocutions of Crane Operators and Crew Members Working Near Overhead Power Lines
NIOSH 98-131: Worker Deaths by Electrocution (PDF, 460k)
NIOSH 02-123: Electrical Safety: Safety & Health for Electrical Trades - Student Manual (PDF, 1.9m)

OSHA's Small Business Outreach Training Program
Electrical Safety Overview
Discussion (PDF, 1.9m)
Overheads (PDF, 1.8m)
Student Handouts (PDF, 669k)
Self-Inspection Checklist