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Teacher Shortage Employment Incentive Program (TSEIP)

Legislative Ruling
How to Apply
Eligible Loan Programs
Required Eligibility Forms
TSEIP Coordinators

The Teacher Shortage Employment Incentive Program (TSEIP) is a legislative ruling administered by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education.  TSEIP was designed to recruit and retain mathematics and science teachers in Oklahoma. Successful candidates will be reimbursed eligible student loan expenses (a set amount, which may vary yearly) or an equivalent cash benefit. In order to qualify to receive disbursement benefits under TSEIP, the participant must:

  1. Complete an approved professional teacher education program from an Oklahoma-accredited teacher education unit (must include a student teaching requirement).
    1. Teachers with alternative or emergency certificates do not qualify for this program.
  2. Hold a valid certificate to teach mathematics or science at the secondary level.
    1. Obtain an initial teaching license and then a certificate and provide eligible, full-time teaching service under a regular teaching contract at an Oklahoma public school:
      1. at the secondary level
      2. for five (5) consecutive school years
      3. in the mathematics or science subject areas.
  3. Complete the first full year of eligible full-time teaching service, as described above, within 25 months from the date of graduation from a four-year institution in Oklahoma.
  4. Complete course work and training necessary to obtain a teaching certificate, which requires a baccalaureate degree or graduate degree and completion of an approved program of professional teacher preparation. The teacher preparation program shall include a student teaching requirement and authorize service for the secondary level.

Notwithstanding the provisions of this subparagraph, participants may apply to the employing school for a leave of absence when a serious illness, pregnancy or other natural cause prevents the participant from continuing the course work requirements or from providing consecutive full-time teaching service.

  1. Leaves of absence may not exceed more than one academic year and will not be included for the purpose of calculating the consecutive five (5) years of teaching service.
  2. As soon as a leave of absence is granted, participant must present official school documentation to OSRHE that meets the provisions of these rules. Also, official notification must be given within one year that the participant has resumed the teaching duties or participant may be withdrawn from the program.

A reduction in force will not eliminate a participant from fulfilling the consecutive five-year obligation if the following provisions are met:

  1. Participant must provide to OSRHE official documentation of the reduction in force as soon as it is enforced.
  2. Participant must resume teaching mathematics or science at the secondary level at an Oklahoma public school within 18 months after the reduction in force.



State and Federal Programs to Assist Education Majors

*Under this program, borrowers may qualify for forgiveness of the remaining balance due on their eligible federal student loans after they have made 120 payments on those loans under certain repayment plans while employed full time by certain public service employers.


Legislative Ruling
To view the permanent rule regarding TSEIP (Title 610, Chapter 25, Subchapter 27), please follow the steps below:


How to Apply
Students must fill out the Participation Agreement Form below and submit it to their college or university TSEIP coordinator no later than the date of their graduation from a four-year college or university in Oklahoma (even if graduating in the fall). Institutions will submit qualifying applications to the State Regents within 10 days of receipt. SPECIAL NOTE: Applicants cannot be certified to teach math or science prior to signing the Participation Agreement Form.

The State Regents office will notify applicants of application receipt, educational loan obligations and any qualifying disbursement benefit opportunities through TSEIP.

For more information about the program, contact the education department at your college or university or contact the State Regents Teacher Recruitment Program at 405.225.9322, 800.858.1840 (toll-free) or

TSEIP Participation Agreement (PDF, 325k)


Eligible Loan Programs
The following student loan programs are eligible for TSEIP reimbursement:

NOTE: Parent Loans for Students (PLUS) are not eligible.

Students who participate in TSEIP and meet all the eligibility requirements but do not have outstanding loan obligations will receive a cash payment after five years of teaching.

For more information about the program, contact the education department at your college or university or contact the State Regents Teacher Recruitment Program at 405.225.9322, 800.858.1840 (toll-free) or


Required Eligibility Forms
To determine eligibility, participants should submit all the required forms upon completion of the fifth consecutive year of teaching secondary mathematics or science in Oklahoma public schools. The required forms may be downloaded below.

For more information, contact the State Regents Teacher Recruitment Program at 405.225.9322, 800.858.1840 (toll-free) or


TSEIP Coordinators

Public Colleges and Universities
Independent Colleges and Universities

Cameron University
Howard Kuchta, Ed.D.

East Central University
Dr. Phyllis Isaacs

Langston University
Gail Anderson

Northeastern State University
Deborah Landry, Ed.D.

Northwestern Oklahoma State
Dr. Beverly Warden

Oklahoma Panhandle State
Dr. R. Wayne Stewart

Oklahoma State University
Leslie K. Evans

Southeastern Oklahoma State University
Lucretia Scoufos

Southwestern Oklahoma State University
Ruth Boyd

University of Central Oklahoma
Dr. James Machell

University of Oklahoma
Dr. Sherry Cox

University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma
Dr. Vicki Ferguson

Bacone College
Dr. Sally Nichols-Sharpe

Mid-America Christian University
Esther Rehbein

Oklahoma Baptist University
Dr. Pam Robinson

Oklahoma Christian University
Dr. Darin Martin

Oklahoma City University
Lois Lawler Brown

Oklahoma Wesleyan University
Kandi Molder

Oral Roberts University
Dr. Kim Boyd

Southern Nazarene University
Dr. Tim Taylor

St. Gregory’s University
Gayle Fischer
405.878.5100, ext. 5181

The University of Tulsa
Dr. Kara Gae Neal