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AmeriCorps Vista Program

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Project Site Descriptions
2010-13 OkCC VISTA Program Overview (PDF, 32k)
Apply to Become an OkCC VISTA Member (PDF, 45k)
Project Host Site Application, 2010-13 (PDF, 464k)

AmeriCorps VISTA Progam Coordinator
Steve Godecke


2010-11 OkCC VISTA Action Plans

Campus locations may be seen on our Google Map (external link).

Action Plan: Tutoring / Mentoring
The following sites are participating in this plan:

Murray State College (Tishomingo)
Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College (Miami)
Northwestern Oklahoma State University (Alva)
Oklahoma City University (Oklahoma City)
Rose State College (Midwest City)
Tulsa Community College (Tulsa)
University of Central Oklahoma (Edmond)
University of Oklahoma (Norman)

In order to better serve Oklahoma’s low-income and at-risk students, OkCC VISTAs will begin or expand tutoring, mentoring or related academic support programs for these students. This support will close knowledge and skill gaps between low-income or at-risk students and their peers, leaving them better prepared for success in postsecondary education, with improved chances for escaping the cycle of poverty.

Performance Milestones

  1. The project will serve 800 low-income or at-risk Oklahoma students  (800 is the combined target for all participating campuses).
  2. Fifty percent of served students participate in a tutor or mentor program for at least eight weeks.
  3. Fifty percent of served students’ instructors will report observing improvements in students’ performance.

Action Plan: Financial Literacy
The following sites are participating in this plan:

Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College (Miami)
Rose State College (Midwest City)

In order to reduce poverty and debt in Oklahoma, OkCC VISTAs will begin or expand financial literacy programs that educate residents and students, enabling them to manage their money more effectively.

Performance Milestones

  1. The project will serve 160 low-income or at-risk Oklahoma individuals  (160 is the combined target for all participating campuses).
  2. Fifty percent of clients complete a financial literacy education program.
  3. For all three years of the project, participating sites will survey individuals served. Individuals will self-report their level of debt or savings. By third year of project, participants completing the program will show improvements in levels of debt (excluding student loans) or savings since beginning the financial literacy program.

Action Plan: Community Health Networks
The following sites are participating in this plan:

Cameron University (Lawton)
Murray State College (Tishomingo)

In order to improve the health status of Oklahoma’s low-income communities, OkCC VISTAs will catalog the free and low-cost health care resources that are readily available to these communities. VISTAs will then partner with state and local social services, faith-based organizations, nonprofits or other appropriate organizations (including referrals to or partnership with 2-1-1) to increase community health awareness and use of free and low-cost health care resources. Activities to increase awareness and use of resources may include educational presentations, activities and health fairs; creation and distribution of public service announcements; distribution of health literature; establishment of referrer relationships; and other education and network building.

In addition, OkCC VISTAs will conduct a Community Health Assessment to better determine the health needs of their host communities and identify barriers that interfere with low-income populations’ access to appropriate health care. The assessment will identify unmet needs and recommend actions to improve access to health care services. Findings from the assessment will be used to set goals and plan future health action in the community, including (if applicable) planning for future AmeriCorps members.

Performance Milestones

  1. At least 3,300 residents from host communities will receive information or health services as a direct or indirect result of the VISTAs’ service (includes recipients of health education and health care resource information – 3,300 is the combined target for all participating campuses).
  2. At least 20 percent of served residents will report increased knowledge of free or low-cost health care resources available to them.
  3. Each participating host site will complete a Community Health Assessment.
  4. At least 20 percent of served residents will report improved access to health care services.