How Can We Impact A Student's Future Today?

Our staff is committed to helping our 24 school districts achieve great success for students through the services and opportunities offered as part of the statewide Oklahoma GEAR UP grant. If you need assistance with the information on this page or cannot find what you are looking for, please call us at 405-225-9191 or email


GEAR UP Project Support Materials
GEAR UP College Bridge/College Orientation Reimbursement Form (opens in new window)
OK GEAR UP Budget Form 2014-15 (Excel Doc, 28k)
OK GEAR UP Final Budget Form 2014 (Word Doc, 20k)
OK GEAR UP Implementation Plan Partnership Support 2014-15 (Word Doc, 35k)
OK GEAR UP Implementation Plan Cover Sheet
(Word Doc, 35k)
OK GEAR UP Cost Principles for Partnership Support (Word Doc, 33k)
OK GEAR UP Objective Evaluation Form (Word Doc, 30k)
OK GEAR UP Activity Documentation Form (Word Doc, 16k)
OK GEAR UP National Conference Project Plan (Word Doc, 22k)
OK GEAR UP ACT Workshops Information (Word Doc, 22k)
GEAR UP University Flyer (PDF, 1m)
GEAR UP University Parent Letter
(PDF, 1m)
GEAR UP University Teacher Letter
(PDF, 1m)
GEAR UP University Talking Points
(Word Doc, 55k)
OK GEAR UP Budget Change Request Form (Word Doc, 50k)
OK GEAR UP College-Going Culture Rubric
(PDF, 84k)
OK GEAR UP College-Going Culture Activities (PDF, 55k)
OK GEAR UP College Campus Visit Evaluation Form (PDF, 26K)
OK GEAR UP Specifics and Activities for Partnership Support 2014-15 (Word Doc, 24k)
OK GEAR UP Partners Information (PDF, 22k)
OK GEAR UP Fact Sheet (PDF, 1m)
OK GEAR UP Contact Sheet (PDF, 234k)
OK GEAR UP Q&A (PDF, 1.5m)

Federal Grant Information/Requirements
W-9 Tax Form for Schools (PDF, 124k)
Federal Circular on GEAR UP Allowable Costs (PDF, 30k)

Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education Info/Forms
Vendor Registration Form (PDF, 15k)

If you have trouble accessing the documents on this page or would like to receive them in a different file format, please email Amy Bruce or call 405.225.9281.


  • June 2014

    2014-2015 budgets due. Check with your education specialist for more info.

    College Bridge/Orientation Form - Use this to register your high school seniors who are attending a college orientation so GEAR UP can reimburse the enrollment fee for the bridge program

    GEAR UP Summer Training Continues

    GEAR UP University at Connors State College and Rogers State University

  • September 2014

    National GEAR UP Week, Sept. 22-26

  • October 2014

    Oklahoma GEAR UP State Conference, Oct. 13

  • November 2014

    Oklahoma College App Week, Nov. 17-21