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Project List - Cameron University 

Type of Project: Renovation
Functional Emphasis:
Project Name:
Renovation and Expansion of Business Building
Description: The School of Business is one of the most rapidly expanding programs. This project recommends the renovation and expansion of the building to include classrooms, laboratories, lecture halls, research and faculty offices.
Bond Proceeds: $7,000,000
Total Amount of Project: $7,000,000

Type of Project: Infrastructure
Project Name:
HVAC for Shepler Center and Fitness Center
Description: In the late 1980's a modern HVAC system was installed in the Shepler Complex. When the Fitness Center was constructed in the early 1990's, part of the capacity for the Shepler Center was used for HVAC in the Fitness Center. In the mid-90's the Physical Sciences Complex was constructed and HVAC service was also provided by the Shepler HVAC system. The university intends to construct additional HVAC capability with other funds but, due to the high level of use of the HVAC system in Shepler Center over the years, it will be necessary to renovate and rebuild the existing system. These funds will be used for that purpose.
Bond Proceeds: $700,000
Total Amount of Project: $700,000

Type of Project: Infrastructure
Project Name:
Campus Accessibility
Description: Cameron University continues to work toward ADA compliance. This project will realign parking, install new assisted-entry building doors, remodel restrooms for ADA-compliant accessibility and purchase specialized classroom furniture and fixtures. The project will help to eliminate all external barriers and make the campus a friendly and inviting environment for all students, faculty and staff.
Bond Proceeds: $500,000
Total Amount of Project: $500,000

Type of Project: Infrastructure
Project Name:
Parking Lots and Access Roads
Description: Cameron officials are in the process of selecting an architect to update the Campus Master Plan. Recommendations from the review will greatly impact campus layout in terms of current and future construction projects. Anticipated projects required for implementing recommendations will include relocation of existing parking lots, creation of additional parking areas, redirection of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and possible relocation of a campus entry access road.
Bond Proceeds: $800,000
Section 13 and Section 13 Offset Funds: $0
Other Funds: $0
Total Amount of Project: $800,000
Estimated Ongoing Operation Costs: $28,880

Type of Project: Infrastructure
Project Name:
Campus Facility Improvement
Description: Due to the age of many campus buildings, a campus facility improvement project is of utmost importance. Lack of funding has deferred needed maintenance resulting in crumbling building exteriors. Many buildings have flat roofs and exterior elevations that give the appearance of commercial design, and metal sheeting has been installed on the front of one building. The result is a generally undesirable external appearance for the campus as a whole. This facility improvement project will be accomplished on a building-by-building basis determined by location and current condition of the present architectural facade.
Bond Proceeds: $2,059,247
Total Amount of Project: $2,059,247

Type of Project: Renovation
Functional Emphasis:
Public Service and Teaching
Project Name:
Gymnasium Environmental System Project
Description: The gymnasium, which provides classroom facilities, is not air conditioned and is heated by an antiquated, inefficient boiler/hot air system. This project will improve energy efficiency and student and visitor comfort by installing a modern HVAC system. It will also improve energy efficiency by retrofitting the lighting system. The project will provide ADA-compliant access to the spectator area and restrooms. It will also create a new main entrance lobby that will significantly improve the functionality of this facility.
Bond Proceeds: $1,000,000
Total Amount of Project: $1,000,000

Total - Cameron University
Bond Proceeds: $12,059,247
Total Amount of Projects: $12,059,247